The Palermo coach will play Serie A-1 with Eur Sporting Club Roma

The Palermo coach will play Serie A-1 with Eur Sporting Club Roma
The Palermo coach will play Serie A-1 with Eur Sporting Club Roma

The Palermo – Eur Sporting Club Roma coach will be the winner of the promotion to men’s tennis series A-1. The Capitoline today beat Tennis Modena at home and will therefore challenge the team led by Davide Cocco in the final on December 5-12.

Prediction in favor of the Palermo coach who will play at home in the second leg

The Palermitans will have the advantage of being able to play the return match on the fields of Viale del Fante by virtue of the 1st place obtained in the group and which also granted the possibility of reaching the final directly without playing the preliminary round, which Eur and Modena second and third respectively in their groups. The prediction, on paper, hangs in favor of the Palermo coach who will have Carlos Gomez Herrera, Omar Giacalone, Pietro Marino, Gabriele Piraino, Claudio Fortuna and Francesco Mineo at his disposal.

The Capitoline will be able to employ a foreigner

The Eur Sporting Club will instead be able to employ a foreign player between Maxime Chazal (France) Pol Toledo (Spain), Alvaro Lopez San Martin (Spain) as well as the Italians Matteo De Vincentis, Niccolò Ciavarella, Daniele Minighini and Massimo Giunta. We recall that Giacalone and his team mates were the architects of a group that was nothing short of sensational with 16 points out of the 18 available. A positive result in Rome would put the comparison in the most suitable tracks for the Palermo coach who would also have the advantage of the home factor and the warmth of his fans, always present in good numbers in the three home games of the group against Villasanta, Lecco and Match Ball Florence.

The women’s team stops a step away from the final

Instead, the last act of the playoffs escapes the women’s team beaten today for 3-1 in Veneto by the Verona Tennis Association. The victory in singles by the seventeen-year-old Giorgia Pedone was not enough. Federica Bilardo was defeated in three sets by Andrea Farulla Di Palma, while the Belgian Lara Salden always lost in three sets to number 573 Wta Aurora Zantedeschi. Finally in the doubles, Pedone and Salden were beaten in two halves by Farulla and Zantedeschi. The assault on the A-1 series for the team of the viale del Fante association postponed to 2022.

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Palermo coach play Serie Eur Sporting Club Roma

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