The Super Green Pass effect does not pull vaccines in Fvg: the first doses grow slowly

The Super Green Pass effect does not pull vaccines in Fvg: the first doses grow slowly
The Super Green Pass effect does not pull vaccines in Fvg: the first doses grow slowly

UDINE. Something is moving, but not enough to break down the hard core of 13% of the vaccinable population of Friuli Venezia Giulia who remains firm on the rejection of the anti Covid drug.

Vice-president Riccardo Riccardi informs that in the last few days, when the squeeze against the No vax emerged through the super Green pass for vaccinated only, there were around 2,000 bookings per 24 hours, more than double the previous 800: “There is greater interest, but we are still on small numbers”.

With regard to the “booster”, the booster dose administered after the completion of the primary vaccination cycle (at least five months after the last dose), in order to maintain or restore an adequate level of immune response over time, in the week in which the agendas for the over 40s were opened, around 20,000 daily bookings were traveled, with the peak of 25,000 on Friday 26 November.

A growth, however, that will be consolidated, in the presence of a pandemic curve always rising, with a total of 728 new positives also on Saturday, of which 332 in the province of Trieste, the highest figure of the day since the beginning of the coronavirus emergency . In this context, Riccardi does not hide doubts about national choices.

“There is a good demand for third doses, but the disordered opening of the agendas has certainly not helped the Regions – observes the vice president of the Fvg -. With the staff of the health authorities reduced both by suspensions due to non-compliance with the vaccination obligation, and by absences due to reinfections, it is not easy to deal with this situation in the presence of decisions taken at any moment at the state level “.

During the week, the number of citizens of the Fvg waiting for the first dose decreased by almost 4 thousand units. Net of those who cannot get the vaccine for health reasons, as shown by the government report updated to Friday November 26th, this is 139,742 people (they were 143,708 on November 19th). Of these, about 54 thousand are from the Trieste area, the one with the lowest participation in the campaign.

In detail, the greatest number of residents to be vaccinated is recorded among the under 20s: 27.4% of the audience between the ages of 12 and 19 did not receive any administration. Always many, just under 80 thousand, even the unvaccinated between 40 and 69 years. The national report also contains the data of those healed for no more than 180 days, citizens who have never been vaccinated, but who are not included in the list of those who refuse the drug precisely because not enough time has passed since their recovery.

In Fvg there are a total of 12,902 people. Once six months have elapsed from the ascertained post Covid negativity, they will automatically re-enter among the entitled persons. In the bulletin of the Region there are six other deaths, of which two in the province of Trieste and four in the province of Gorizia.

As for the hospitalized, the number of patients in intensive care is decreasing (26, -2), but the number of patients in the ordinary wards is increasing (260, +9). Meanwhile, Aaroi Emac Fvg, the union of resuscitators anesthetists intervened on the issue of counting admissions last spring, rekindling the controversy after the dissemination of the report by the inspectors of the Ministry of Health: “The document, which the Region could and should have made public already October 4th, date of receipt, is nothing more than the evident confirmation of our complaint: wrong coding of emergency medicine beds counted as intensive care, confused communication and wrong connotation of the pls occupied by intensive patients “.

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