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WhatsApp, now you can find out the location of your contact: the trick

WhatsApp, now you can also find out the location of any person in your messaging app contacts: the trick.

The well-known Whatsapp messaging app, all features (via pixabay)

WhatsApp, the well-known messaging app is always adding new and updated features to allow easy and comfortable use to all users. The application is now constantly updated. But there are gods little tricks to be used if necessary always on the same app: it is possible, for example, spy on the location of a contact in the list WhatsApp without this noticing. Let’s find out how to do it by following all the steps.

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WhatsApp, how to find out the location of your contact

The trick to use on the messaging application (via screenshot)

Find out the location of a contact at a certain time it is possible if you know the precise method to do it. Thanks to a very simple trick in fact, it is possible to trace the position of a person among our contacts through WhatsApp. Obviously it is not a question of finding the precise position but at least it is possible trace the area or area in which a given contact is at that moment.

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First of all it is necessary download the IPLogger application, available on Play Store of Google for Android. This app will in fact track the approximate location of a particular user thanks to a link which can be shared both through WhatsApp but also on Facebook, Instagram or by email. You will receive all the instructions on how to do it directly from the IPLogger app. Just enter any URL or link to any image on the internet to shorten it and track IP addresses and click the short IPLogger link.

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