Ten good reasons to be optimistic about Italy’s future

Ten good reasons to be optimistic about Italy’s future
Ten good reasons to be optimistic about Italy’s future

From the reactions to the pandemic to the PNRR, from the Quirinale to transformism, to our ability to smooth out all kinds of extremism, up to the growing confidence. Because this is not a country for apocalyptic prophets

Yesterday in Florence, at the Festa del Foglio, we tried to reason with not bad interlocutors around a theme that is a little political, that is a little economic and that is a little cultural and that seems to us to be particularly central in the phase history that Italy is experiencing: how can you be optimistic in a season in which pessimism continues to bite our days? The new complicated pandemic wave that is hitting Europe, the crazy variants arriving from South Africa, the explosion of infections in Eastern Europe, the need to have to resort to restrictions for the unvaccinated to manage the new infections, the difficulty of seeing a date when the nightmare will be over, the return of the masks in the open spaces and the need to resort to a third dose to cope with a temporal coverage of the vaccines lower than expected are news that objectively put a strain on even the stronger than optimistic spirits. But despite this, the reasons why it is worth being optimistic can be said that, even today, they far outweigh the reasons why it is worth being pessimistic.

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Ten good reasons optimistic Italys future

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