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The immunologist Mantovani: “The vaccines are also effective against the Omicron variant, but the fourth dose will be needed”

A fourth dose is possible. Also for the Omicron variant. Word of the immunologist Alberto Mantovani, scientific director of the Irccs Humanitas Clinical Institute and president of the Humanitas Foundation for Research. That today in an interview with The print takes stock of vaccines against Covid-19 and explains that the preparations improve the response of the immune system and that the booster for some immunized will make them even safer. Even against variants: «In the face of other worrying variants, such as the South African Beta and the Indian Delta, vaccines offered limited but significant protection. The more the training of the immune system increases, including the third dose and the flu, the more the repertoire of that secret orchestra which is the immune system grows. Healed with two doses and other people with three doses probably widen the immune response against all variants ».

The updated vaccines for Omicron

Mantovani admits that «with an iridescent virus and effective vaccines, but to be updated and perhaps adapted, it is difficult to talk about herd immunity. However, the goal of vaccinating 90 percent of Italians does not change ». But the immunologist is against postponing the third dose to wait for the vaccine update: «As flexible as the mRna technology is, it would take months, while it is good to protect yourself immediately. The third dose could give good protection for Omicron and better prepare for an eventual fourth updated dose ». On the drop in immunity, the professor explains that «six months after the two doses, the protection against hospitalization remains above 80 percent and with the third dose it will improve. After six months, according to data from Neil Ferguson of Imperial college, the protection is 90 percent against death, 77 for serious illness and 30 for mild disease. The vaccinated with AstraZeneca after a third dose at mRna could become the most protected ».

Finally, vaccines for children. The three thousand tests carried out before the ok, according to Mantovani, are sufficient “because in the US millions of children are vaccinating without problems, in addition to the millions over 12 who are not so different. The myocarditis risk, I say this as a grandfather of eight grandchildren, is rare and benign, unlike the malignant one given by Covid, also affects mostly males over 14. Children must be vaccinated not only for herd immunity, but to protect them from the growing contagion that concerns them. A quarter of the new infections hit them with 8,000 pediatric hospitalizations so far, 249 intensive care hospitalizations, 36 deaths, 239 multisystemic inflammatory syndromes (Mis-C) and long Covid concerns “.

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immunologist Mantovani vaccines effective Omicron variant fourth dose needed

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