metro, bus and tram at risk

Strike of trains, metro and buses. For Friday 3 December, the Ugl Autoferro and Ugl Ferrovieri trade union organizations have proclaimed a national strike in the mobility sector for 4 hours. In Milan, the agitation of traveling and operating personnel, both on the surface and on the subway, will be possible in the time slot 18-22.

Trenord trains also strike, timetables

Demonstration of ATM workers against the green pass

This was announced by the ATM with a press release: “On Friday 3 December the National Secretariats of the Ugl Autoferro and Ugl Ferrovieri trade union organizations proclaimed a multi-sectoral political strike of 4 hours at national level in the mobility sector to which it joined, for the transport sector local public, the territorial articulation of Ugl Autoferro “.

“The strike – reads the note from the public transport company – was called against the introduction of the obligation of the so-called ‘green pass’ to access the workplace, a circumstance which, according to the promoters, led to the of ‘real and tangible discrimination’ between workers and in the organization of work “. The strike was also called “for the possibility – continues the request – that the pads for green certification are given free of charge to all the workers concerned; in order to sensitize companies in the search for ad hoc agreements, so that they are not put in place. further discrimination; for the safety of all operators in the sector “.

Atm vehicle strike

The strike could affect the ATM lines of the subway, bus and tram between 6pm and 10pm.

Agi lines strike

On Friday, December 3, the lines 201, 220, 222, 230, 328, 423, 431, 433 and Smart Bus may be delayed or canceled, departing in the time slot between 18 and 22. Departures will be guaranteed from the terminus from the start of the service at 6 pm. More information: on the website


metro bus tram risk

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