he had been sent off because he had no Green pass – Corriere.it

he had been sent off because he had no Green pass – Corriere.it
he had been sent off because he had no Green pass – Corriere.it
from Alessandro Fulloni and Alessio Ribaudo

Riina’s loyalist, 79 years old, found dead on the tracks in Genoa Piazza Principe. The investigation of the Genoa Public Prosecutor’s Office. He had recently been released from prison for health reasons that attested to his cognitive deficits. In his pocket he had a train ticket to the South

He would have been made to get off the train at Genoa Piazza Principe station because without the Green pass. Then the man began to wander on the tracks until, perhaps struck by an illness, he was run over and killed by a freight train. We are talking about Salvatore Di Gangi, 79, who for decades was referred to as the boss of Sciacca, a populous port town in the Agrigento area. Considered one of Tot Riina’s loyalists, recently he was in a cell in Asti to serve a 17-year sentence for mafia, inflicted with the abbreviated rite, at the end of the Montagna trial. But on Friday the Palermo Court of Appeal decided to release him on the basis of an appraisal attesting to his cognitive deficits. On Saturday evening, a few hours after leaving the detention facility, he was run over by a freight train while on a railway track in Genoa.

Autopsy arranged

The deputy attorney of the Genoa District Anti-Mafia Directorate, Federico Manotti, has opened a file for manslaughter. Various hypotheses are being examined but according to an initial examination no signs of violence have emerged; the old man would have died perhaps of an illness and then would have been run over by a passing train, around dinner time. An autopsy has been ordered, which will be carried out in the next few days. The objective of the investigators of the Mobile directed by Stefano Signoretti is to reconstruct all the latest movements of Di Gangi. We will try to understand what happened in the time between leaving the Piedmontese prison, on Friday, and the moment when I got off the train – precisely: because it does not have a green pass – at the Piazza Principe station. In the pockets it would have been found – according to the accurate reconstruction made by the XIX Century – a train ticket for Roma Ostiense. From here he should perhaps have continued to Sciacca. In the release order issued on Friday, the man – who as reiterated in the provision was burdened by cognitive impairment – had been authorized to reach his home free and without escort, with the imposition of the judges not to contact anyone other than the treating doctor and family.

His name featured in several judicial inquiries

Di Gangi born in Polizzi Generosa, in the Palermo area. According to anti-mafia investigators, he was a former bank employee who later became a construction developer. Since the early nineties, his name has been present in several judicial inquiries concerning the Agrigento area. The boss he had gotten into trouble again last October as part of the investigation into the Torre Macauda resort, a luxury hotel in Sciacca already at the center of several mafia investigations. According to the accusations of the economic and financial police unit of the financial police of Palermo, coordinated by the District Anti-Mafia Directorate, the Saccense clan would have regained possession of the tourist complex that it had been confiscated from the entrepreneur Giuseppe Montalbano.

His cell had been searched

For this reason, they hypothesized crimes ranging from external competition in mafia association to fraudulent and false transfer of values. Di Gangi, according to the investigators, would have been one of the real owners of the structure and, for this reason, a search had been ordered in his cell in Asti. The very complex investigation had also led to the execution of searches in Veneto, in two UniCredit branches in Palermo and to the notification of eight notices of guarantee among others to Di Gangi, to his son Alessandro, to an official of the bank.

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