Covid Lazio, outdoor masks already mandatory in some countries near Rome

Covid Lazio, outdoor masks already mandatory in some countries near Rome
Covid Lazio, outdoor masks already mandatory in some countries near Rome

In Fiumicino and Albano Laziale, outdoor masks are already mandatory due to the increase in infections from Covid. From 6 December they will also be mandatory in Rome.

From the next December 6probably, masks will be mandatory throughout the historic center of Rome, even outdoors. The mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, announced that he is already working on the ordinance. Some of the first citizens of the province of Rome anticipated it and launched similar measures, valid in the territory of their pertinence. This is the case, for example, of the municipalities of Fiumicino and Albano Laziale, one of the largest towns in the Castelli Romani.

Fiumicino, Mayor Montino’s ordinance on outdoor masks

In Fiumicino, Mayor Esterino Montino signed an ordinance that entered into force yesterday, Sunday 28 November, and which will remain valid until midnight on Friday 31 December 2021. In practice, the provision provides for the obligation to wear a mask outdoors in the main streets of the town, in the areas of markets and Christmas markets, in public parks, in the areas in front of the airport terminals, near schools and near large parks and shopping centers. Anyone who does not comply with this measure of containment of infections from Covid 19 will be sanctioned with a fine ranging from 400 to 3000 euros.

In Albano compulsory masks throughout the municipal area

The mayor of Albano Laziale, Massimiliano Borelli, has done more: from today, Monday 29 November, to Sunday 9 January, the obligation to wear a mask outdoors throughout the municipal area. Children under the age of six, people who play sports, people with pathologies or disabilities incompatible with the use of the devices and people who have to communicate with a disabled person are not obliged to wear it so that they cannot wear it. .

The letter from Zingaretti to the mayors of Lazio: “Evaluate the obligation of outdoor masks”

On November 26, the president of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti, sent a letter to the prefects and mayors of Lazio to ask them to evaluate the hypothesis of the obligation of outdoor masks:

“The evolution of the pandemic from Covid-19 requires all of us to pay the utmost attention and responsibility. Thanks to the widespread participation in the vaccination campaign, in our region the data relating to hospitalizations, and in particular to those in intensive care, remains under control. However, the epidemiological situation tends to worsen, and requires a precise and rigorous control over the safety of behavior. Today we are called once again to make an effort to determine conduct that is respectful of the rules imposed by the emergency and to ensure that these are observed by all. these reasons, it is important to pay the utmost attention to all the actors concerned, from local administrators to the Police Forces, in order to guarantee compliance everywhere with the safety rules for public health. Where necessary, also considering the adoption of particular measures, always based on the incidence of the virus in the various territorial realities of the Region: I refer In particular, I risk the obligation to wear outdoor masks, especially in meeting places and shopping centers. Sure to be able to count on your full cooperation on this occasion as well, I offer my best regards “.

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