killed a 5-year-old child

The group of children and teenagers, five or six in all, after lunch with relatives and friends were playing in the garage of the house, taking photos and making videos to post on social media. Using, as a “trophy”, also a shotgun left unattended in the shed with a bullet in the barrel. It is not yet clear how the blow started, which hit the smallest of the group, who died amidst the shock of those present.

The police, arrived on the spot, arrested the 13-year-old, who is now locked up in a juvenile prison pending the development of the investigations: the risk is that he will be accused of manslaughter, even if the cause of the accident was first of all the neglect of the gun owner, who left it in a place accessible to children.

A drama, that of Minneapolis, which has rekindled the debate on the danger of weapons in America, the country that has the highest number of firearms in circulation in the world, over 395 million, that is 46% of those held by civilians in America. entire planet. In practice, according to the latest official data, there are more guns than Americans (120 for every 100 citizens), with 44% of adults living in a family who legally or illegally own guns or rifles. And 2021 is experiencing a new boom in sales, with a 20% increase in requests for background checks, checks carried out by dealers on who buys weapons to see if the buyer has a criminal record or suffers from mental disorders. A number of requests that have not been as high for at least ten years.


killed #5yearold child

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