What if AirPods had their own iPhone app?

What if AirPods had their own iPhone app?
What if AirPods had their own iPhone app?

Over the past five years, Apple has added several features to the AirPods mainly related to Siri. Is it time to release a dedicated Watch-style app?

As 9to5Mac points out, a companion app for AirPods it would look like the Watch app that is used by users to configure and manage some Apple Watch functions directly from the iPhone.

The concept shows an app with a main tab that offers all settings most common ones used by users, many of which are extracted from the Bluetooth menu and the About page of iOS related to AirPods. At the top it shows the AirPods currently in use, the search box, the battery level, and the ability to switch to another AirPods model you may want to use.

app airpods 1

From here, you can customize how the keys on the AirPods work, enable or disable head detection, and experience spatial audio. Below this group are the settings related to Find My and software update, which could finally be controlled and managed manually (now, however, they are practically invisible).

app airpods 2

The board Apps would show apps and services installed on the iPhone such as those related to music, podcasts and videos, to manage specific settings related to AirPods or simply to quickly launch those apps that can be better exploited by listening through earphones.

The third tab, Discover, it would show some features less known by users, with for example suggestions on new features added with various software updates. It would be a centralized place to best discover AirPods regardless of model.

Apple may also include support for Beats headphones and earphones within the app. What do you think?



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