Pescara, “Astor. A century of Tango” with the Ballet of Rome and Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi

The show, out of subscription, will be held on Thursday 9 December at the Teatro Massimo in the musical season of the “Luigi Barbara” Society of Theater and Music

PESCARA – Thursday 9 December 2021, starting at 9.00 pm, the show will be held at the Teatro Massimo in Pescara, out of subscription “Astor. A century of Tango “.

The event, which concludes the cycle dedicated to Astor Piazzolla on the centenary of his birth, is a dance concert to music by Astor Piazzolla with Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi – the bandoneon and the accordion – and the dancers of the Ballet of Rome. The show is directed by Carlos Branca, with the choreography by Valerio Longo, the lighting design by Carlo Cerri and the costumes by Silvia Califano. The original music and arrangements are by Luca Salvadori.

The price of the entrance ticket is 22 euros for the armchairs and 18 euros for the armchairs.

The cycle of appointments dedicated to Astor Piazzolla had opened with the performance of Laura Morante with the Ensemble Lumière and then continued with the solo concert by Richard Galliano.

A new journey through the suggestions and sounds of tango on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Astor Piazzolla, one of the most important musical composers and performers of this art form, born at the end of the 19th century in the suburbs of Buenos Aires.

The Compagnia del Balletto di Roma, with Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi at the bandoneon and the accordion, retraces the crucial moments linked to the experiences of life and to the cities crossed by Astor Piazzolla. «In a dance concert dedicated to him – explains Luca Salvadori, curator of the arrangements and author of the original music – it was almost inevitable to retrace that path, already traced, to tell it. Thus a real soundtrack was born, mainly made up of his unforgettable music, but also by others, which accompanied and at times influenced him: a series of tracks and memories that try to become a story, to broaden the gaze on the places and the eras in which Astor grew up and matured as a man and as an artist. “

“Astor. A century of Tango “therefore arises from the need to communicate between different cultures, languages ​​and traditions, tango reminds us who we are, where we come from and what was the path that indissolubly united distant humanity in a common” non-place “, crossing oceans and borders. The sea itself is the common thread that unites or separates new worlds and hopes: an immense space to cross where you risk getting lost; vortex of ebbs and undulatory motion that marks the rhythm of departures and returns. Astor, a new production of the Balletto di Roma, is a “dance concert” in which the music of Piazzolla, arranged by Luca Salvadori and performed live by the bandoneon of Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi, brilliant internationally renowned performer, emerge as the true protagonists in a new artistic harmony danced. A breath, a breath, almost a word, will reveal to us the fragility of the Piazzolla man, but also that of all of us who today have suffered a forced distance, a dematerialized relationality, an interrupted contact, a broken life. On stage, inspired by the charismatic presence of the master Pietrodarchi and by the precious images of Carlo Cerri, Valerio Longo will take eight dancers from the Ballet of Rome on a transformative journey in which breaths, hugs and fusions will be at the center of intense, abstract and fused choreographic actions. in that magical wave motion of the bandoneon.

The key word will be “courage”: the one declaimed by the immortal texts of Jorge Luis Borges in his tangos and milongas, as well as that of Piazzolla himself, who broke the mold of the musicality of the “tango viejo” to arrive at the “nuevo tango” which so much has made him famous in the world.

All the compositional elements of this opera / concert will be curated by the skill and experience of Carlos Branca, an Argentine director who is a prominent international director and a profound connoisseur of the Piazzolla man. “Astor. A century of Tango ”evokes the feelings of today’s world travelers, the whole of humanity, going beyond the technical and ritual purity of tango, to strengthen its energies, desires and palpitations that are all contemporary. A concert from which bodies blossom capable of expressing the audacity of a missed breath and that of a denied embrace: the first act of love after a violence that has swept away everything, except the desire to huddle and find each other.

The artistic season of the Luigi Barbara Society of Theater and Music is accompanied by the support of the Main Partner Fondazione PescarAbruzzo and the Maico Acoustic Institute.

In the “Press Area” section of the site of the Theater and Music Society “Luigi Barbara” ( all the high resolution photos of the artists present in the billboard are available.

Pescara, “Astor. A century of Tango ”with the Ballet of Rome and Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi
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