what the pandemic will bring – Libero Quotidiano

what the pandemic will bring – Libero Quotidiano
what the pandemic will bring – Libero Quotidiano

Unfortunately it can be expected that the variante Omicron is not the worst of the mutations of the Covid. To say it clearly is Ilaria Capua, head of the One Health Center at the University of Florida, in an interview with The print. In fact, the expert explains that “only what is normal is happening. I have said many times that this virus will not go away, I repeated it, even with great frustration and regret, but it is so. “And again:” There is nothing surprising in what is happening, it has happened with other pandemics and with other infectious diseases. I don’t understand the surprise. We know that the more the virus circulates in unvaccinated populations, the more variants it is possible to select. We know that in Africa the vaccination coverage rate is very low, which aSome variations will give us a hard time, that it is not certain that the latter is among them “.

In short, the scenario facing the Capua is truly disturbing. However, the virologist points out, “before frightening people and setting off the alarm I perceive, it is necessary analyze Omicron and do a lot of evaluations. Europeans need to realize that the only tool we have is the vaccine”.

“The only things we need are what we know”, continues Ilaria Capua. That is to say, “respect the safety distances, avoid crowded places without protection, especially if you are not vaccinated, do not stay all stuck together, and raise the vaccination wall as much as possible, which is the most appropriate tool to manage the moment we are living “.

Respect to no vax, concludes the Capua, “in my last book I write that the main vulnus of this emergency is the denial and that is the fact that, when the alarm was raised, various leaders of the Western world had a denier attitude and this influenced the opinion of their constituents. In the United States, many people still believe that Covid does not exist “.

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pandemic bring Libero Quotidiano

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