Covid, "patient Zero" Omicron: "Glad I got the vaccine" – TGCOM

  1. Covid, “patient zero” Omicron: “Pleased to be vaccinated”TGCOM
  2. Omicron variant, a case in Campania. It was vaccinated with two dosesANSA New Europe
  3. The first case of Omicron in Italy: patient zero trips to three regionsCorriere della Sera
  4. Covid, the Omicron variant is in Europe (and in Italy): the countries where there have been casesSky Tg24
  5. First case in Italy of Omicron variant, infected employee of a multinational returned from MonzabicoResolute
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Covid quotpatient Zeroquot Omicron quotGlad vaccinequot TGCOM

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