“Buy Bitcoin now”: so Ricardo Salinas Pliego

“Buy Bitcoin now”: so Ricardo Salinas Pliego
“Buy Bitcoin now”: so Ricardo Salinas Pliego

Ricardo Salina Pliego placeholder image, the third richest man in Mexico, tweeted “Buy Bitcoin Now” and pointed out how the USA are as irresponsible as any other third world country.

“Buy Bitcoin now”: the advice of Ricardo Salinas Pliego

The Mexican billionaire, founder of Grupo Salinas in telecommunications, media, financial services and retail stores, shared on Twitter his thoughts on a weekly chart of the Federal Reserve’s total asset value (minus the eliminations from the consolidation).

The chart was updated on November 18 and shows total assets of over $ 8.67 trillion. Here is Salinas Pliego’s tweet:

“The good old USA looks more and more like any other irresponsible third world country… .wow… look at the scale of the creation of fake money. Buy Bitcoin now. “

Ricardo Salinas Pliego then publicly advised his investors to buy Bitcoinrather than relying on US policies, which appear to be “third world”.

According to Forbes’ list of 2021 Mexican billionaires, Salinas Pliego climbs to the podium in third position with a net worth of $ 12.9 billion, $ 1.2 billion more than a year ago.

Ricardo Salinas Pliego and le cryptovalute

The crypto queen, Bitcoin, seems to have long fascinated the Mexican billionaire, who would have already shared his idea on Twitter in the past.

Last year, in fact, Salinas Pliego revealed that 10% of its liquid portfolio was in BTC, while in June 2021, he would announce plans for his bank to accept Bitcoin. In this regard, he had tweeted as follows:

“I recommend the use of bitcoin, and my bank and I are working to be the first bank in Mexico to accept bitcoin”

Not only, Salinas Pliego also spoke out on the Bitcoin vs Gold issue, recommending the crypto queen and claiming it as the “new gold”, much easier to transport than bars.

Ricardo Salinas Pliego recommends Bitcoin

The collapse of the price of BTC

It is true that when it comes to cryptocurrencies, historical analysis should not be considered as for traditional assets. Bitcoin, in fact, in the last week seems to have fluctuated around $ 57,000, albeit hitting $ 59,000 and $ 56,000.

But between Thursday and Friday, ithe price of bitcoin has even reached $ 53,000, something that hadn’t happened since early October.

Also on Thursday, 51,900 contracts (both futures and options on Bitcoin) also expired for a total value of close to 3 billion dollars. In view of price fluctuations, the sentiment recorded that day was bearish, in this, put (or sell) options have a greater demand than call (buy) options.

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