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I live after two hours at -50 °

I live after two hours at -50 °
I live after two hours at -50 °

But he traveled over two hours hidden in the landing gear where the temperature drops to -47.78 ° C (-54F) and oxygen levels plummet to 6.3%. But the Guatemalan stowaway who managed to go unnoticed Saturday morning and board an American Airlines plane from Guatemala airport survived. The employees of the American airport found him once he landed in Miami.

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Flying for hours in the cockpit of an airplane: 16-year-old survives in sub-zero temperatures

The 26-year-old stowaway then traveled hidden in the aircraft which reached an altitude of 42,000 feet, was then delivered to US Customs and Border Protection and taken to hospital for evaluation. American Airlines said in a statement that “Flight 1182 from Guatemala City arrived in Miami shortly after 10 am local time and was met by officers due to a security problem.” No further details were provided, other than the fact that the airline is cooperating with the investigation.


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