Rudy Guede seeks asylum in Italy

Chronicle – The Ivorian has submitted an application for international protection, which blocks the paperwork for expulsion

Rudy Guede outside the Mammagialla prison

Viterbo – Rudy Guede seeks asylum to stay in Italy. The 34-year-old Ivorian, released from prison last Monday after serving a 16-year sentence for the murder of Meredith Kercher, has applied for international protection, which suspends the practices for expulsion from the country.

According to article 235 of the criminal code, in fact, a foreign citizen must leave Italy if “he is sentenced to imprisonment for more than two years”. But Guede presented the application for international protection, obtaining the residence permit granted to asylum seekers. It therefore remains in Italy for now.

The decision on Guede’s request rests with the territorial commission for the recognition of international protection. “We asked the Territorial Commission to access the accelerated procedure. The Commission decided, however, to reserve more time to make its own decision, ”Sandro Lanzi, director of the Immigration office of the Viterbo police headquarters, told the national newspaper.

In the event that Guede’s request is rejected, the Ivorian could appeal to an ordinary court and follow the three levels of judgment of the Italian legal system. Until a definitive ruling on the matter, you can stay in Italy with your residence permit.

November 28, 2021

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