In Italy there are 78% of vaccinated despite Draghi & co

One of the big problems in communicating the data collected, studied and evaluated by science is the poor scientific preparation of the recipient of the communication. There is great confusion in the use of the word “science” or of the word “scientists” and, in Italy, the first to get confused in purpose is the first citizen of the country, Sergio Mattarella. And, to follow, Mario Draghi, Roberto Speranza, and so on with almost all of our political leaders.

Mostly the word “science” is used to mean “scientists”. Or, worse, to qualify the voice of some illustrious scientist or of the majority of scientists. Instead, the word “science”, whenever you want to attribute some positive and respectable value, should have only one meaning, and that is the meaning of “scientific method”, which is the most powerful tool at our disposal for gaining knowledge (but it is not the only one). It is a method that follows a very specific protocol, evidently not understood by the people mentioned at the beginning.

When he says that “vaccinations were a referendum, won 9-to-1 on science” or that, as he said on another occasion, we must “trust science”, Sergio Mattarella does not understand the meaning of the word, just as none of those who applauded him understand it as one applauds the sumptuousness of the naked prince’s dress. Because if the value of science is in the value of its method, the words “referendum” and “trust” are very inappropriate.

Certainly inappropriate is the word “trust”, because the scientific method consists, among other things, precisely in not trusting: the scientific method rejects any act of trust. And even less of faith. Nor does the scientific method ever envisage submitting any statement to a referendum.

Actually Sergio Mattarella is not new in showing this serious lack of scientific culture. He already had to say – and he said it in one of the most important speeches concerning the President, that is the New Year’s greetings – that anthropogenic global warming is humanity’s greatest problem. Except that, Mattarella has completed legal studies and, presumably, is not qualified to make claims of geology. That affirmation may have been induced only as a result of the confidence that he has decided to place on the affirmations of some geologist whom he, in fact, trusts. But we just said that it is not on trust that a statement that would like to have scientific value can be based. Especially since Mattarella refused to receive prof. Uberto Crescenti, former Rector of the university and professor of Geology, who had asked him to be received in order to better clarify to the President that the affirmation of these in terms of climate was at least risky. And all the more so since, instead, the president does not disdain to receive Greta Thunberg.

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