the data of the day in Milan and Lombardy

According to the bulletin issued by the Ministry of Health, 2,493 new cases of covid have been registered in Lombardy in the last 24 hours, against 113,407 swabs. The positivity rate rises to 2.2%. The number of hospitalized patients is still growing: those in intensive care are now 91, one more (six admissions a day, with five discharged), while those in the ordinary wards are 789, fifteen more. And in Lombardy five people have died due to covid in the last 24 hours.

Assessor Caparini positive to the covid

The Councilor for the Budget of the Lombardy Region, Davide Caparini, is positive about Covid. The news emerged in the afternoon during the debate on the new health law in the regional council underway since 10 November. The commissioner is fine and does not appear to have been in close contact with the president of the Region Attilio Fontana. The governor will therefore not have to quarantine himself. Molecular tests will take place at Pirellone on Tuesday on advisors and staff. “In agreement with the control room, we have organized for Tuesday from 9 am the possibility for each regional councilor and for those who worked in this room to carry out a molecular test on a voluntary basis, here in the regional council”, announced the president of the regional council Alessandro Fermi.

Patient with Omicron variant who passed through Milan

The Casertano who tested positive for covid with the Omicron variant, recently discovered by doctors in South Africa, passed through Milan. According to what is learned, he is 55 years old and is at home with his family (all positive in turn); would have mild symptoms. As soon as the Milan ATS verified the positivity of the new variant, the isolation of the close contacts of the man started, an Eni employee who returned from a business trip to Mozambique on 11 November. Close contacts which, however, would not be Milanese.

According to the reconstruction of his movements, the man spent a few days in Caserta with his family, then, on the 15th, he traveled to Milan where a routine medical examination was scheduled for the company. On this occasion he stayed overnight in the hotel for one night, without ‘meeting’ the hotel staff and dining alone, and the next morning he underwent the covid swab, the result of which he received while he was traveling again in drive to Fiumicino airport, from where he would have had to leave again for Mozambique. But, given the positivity to the covid, he gave up the business trip and returned to Caserta.

Subsequently, the sequencing of the Omicron variant by the Sacco laboratories in Milan. It is the first time in Italy. The welfare management of the Lombardy Region has made it known that, for safety, the health personnel of the facilities where they have been visited (always wearing a mask) will be subjected to checks, but there are no people considered ‘close contacts’ in Lombardy.

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