Omicron, virologists: «Go on with the third doses». Holland confirms 13 cases. Biden-Fauci Summit

“Glad I got vaccinated”

“I am satisfied that I was vaccinated, because the vaccine worked excellently in our case.” To tell the Rai radio newspaper is the Italian patient zero of the Omicron variant. “Given my mild symptoms and that of my family, which has been infected and includes people between 8 and 81 years old, I can say that the infection has manifested itself only in a mild way,” he adds.

Positive family members, waiting to find out if for Omicron variant

Meanwhile, the results of the sequencing on the genetic material of the five family members of the manager from Caserta who contracted the Omicron variant are expected in the next few hours, more likely for tomorrow. This was always announced by the general manager of the ASL of Caserta. The swabs carried out so far have highlighted the positivity to Covid of the wife, the in-laws and the two children of the manager who live in the same house and we now await confirmation that it is also for them the South African variant.

Screening underway on the 133 passengers on the flight

Tests are underway on the 133 passengers on the flight from Mozambique that landed in Fiumicino on 11 November last and on which the Eni employee who was infected with the Omicron variant was traveling. The swabs are sequenced at the Spallanzani Institute.

At Fiumicino, passengers from risk areas were monitored

At Fiumicino, the monitoring of passengers arriving from risk areas of the Omicron variant was ordered. It has been reported that no direct flights from South Africa have landed at Fiumicino airport since 1 October.

The positive Italian had no contact in Lombardy

The Italian patient affected by the Omicron variant “had no contact with other people in Lombardy”. This is what is learned from internal sources of the Lombardy Region Welfare Department. From what was reconstructed, the man landed on 11 November at the Roman airport of Fiumicino coming from Mozambique, then stayed in Caserta for three days with his family and then left on 15 November by plane to Milan. Arrived in the evening, with a car rented by the company, he reached a hotel where he dined alone, in a room where only one other person was present, but seated on the opposite side and had no contact with the staff of the hotel. The next day, at 8, still by car, he reached a hospital to carry out the swab required by his company, having to leave for Mozambique on the same evening of the 16th. After the swab, he went by car to another hospital for undergo the periodic examinations scheduled for Eni employees, always wearing personal protective equipment and another hospital for further visits, at the end of which he took the car back to reach the Fiumicino airport from which he would have had to leave for the Mozambique. During the trip to Rome he received a call from the competent doctor, who informed him of the positivity, which is why he decided to return to Caserta with his family.


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