“It is evident that it has already happened.” Italy doomed? – Free Daily

“It is evident that it has already happened.” Italy doomed? – Free Daily
“It is evident that it has already happened.” Italy doomed? – Free Daily

Now the feared Omicron variant is from noi. The Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, guest from Lucia Annunziata a Half an hour more, on Rai Tre, he says it clearly and invites everyone to have a “scientific attitude “. “I found out on Friday afternoon and flights from South Africa were immediately closed. This variant was reported for the first time by the South African authorities on November 11, but a single report does not cause alarm, the alarm has risen when there has been a surge in cases “.

Now, continues Speranza, “we are testing all citizens on the flight of the man found positive in Campania. We are asking the territorial centers to strengthen the sequencing. We still have few elements for a definitive evaluation. Within 24 hours it was found in Belgium , Denmark, Israel, Germany is already entry into our communities “. So we need to “understand the effect of the variant”, continues the minister, “but an inappropriate and unscientific attitude is wrong. It will take a few weeks of in-depth analysis to understand. And South Africa will be of great attention, it will allow us to understand how it will work. It is not scientifically correct to rush to conclusions. I repeat that vaccines work very well and we must accelerate on third doses “.

“I vaccines that we work very well “, emphasizes the minister and indeed” we need to encourage third doses: the numbers are very positive with 294 thousand third doses recorded on Friday, never such a high number “but there are also” 28 thousand first doses, as it tells us that for the first time we are registering a new ascent for the first doses “.

And what about the vaccine to children, reassures Speranza, “I understand the worries and anxieties, I tell the families, the parents ‘talk to your pediatricians’. Such delicate choices cannot be made by collecting information on social media, they are not sports bar subjects. I say this with the great awareness that science can lead us out of the crisis. There are people who dedicate their lives to heal, we talk to them and we rely on them “.

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