LIVE TMW – Milan, Pioli: “When I say that 7 goals are too many, I say I’m worried”

The match between Milan and Sassuolo ends 1-3. Soon, the Rossoneri coach Stefano Pioli will comment on the match in the usual post-match press conference: follow all his statements with the live text on TMW.

17:40 | Stefano Pioli’s press conference begins.

This defeat hurts …
“It definitely hurts, as it did last Sunday. We want to get different results with a different performance than today.”

7 goals conceded in the last two games for Milan.
“It is true that we suffered their draw too much mentally and it must not happen. We have a way of staying on the pitch and we have to keep it even in difficulties. After the advantage we had to manage the balls better, then at a disadvantage we lost our clarity. 7 goals conceded are too many: we need to defend the team better. “

Is this defeat the daughter of the Champions League?
“The Champions League has nothing to do with it. We missed too many simple balls, giving courage to a fast, technical team. When I say that 7 goals are too many, I say I’m worried.”

Do you worry about the many errors?
“We know how we want to play, but we made some mistakes. We will try to make fewer mistakes. We must not leave the game with this nervousness. I tried to calm the players at half-time, but today was not the best day. Too bad, we could have stayed. in the game until the end “.

Would Maignan wake up from the first minute?
“No, he was fine and could play.”

What do two league defeats imply?
“It’s a slowdown, unexpected. When I talk about lucidity I mean bad choices. At the beginning of the second half we tried with character to resume the game, but we didn’t do it with quality. Only our fans didn’t give up until the end.”

17:47 | Stefano Pioli’s press conference ends.


LIVE TMW Milan Pioli goals worried

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