Calciomercato Roma, green light in January

The Giallorossi General Manager Tiago Pinto observes some market movements that could directly affect Roma.

A little over a month after the reopening of the transfer market, numerous open dossiers remain in the Roma home. The Giallorossi General Manager James Pintoin fact, he will be called to overtime during the January session, with the aim of giving José Mourinho a more complete squad for the second part of the season. Over the past few weeks, the coach has exposed his needs to the management.

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A line fully shared also by the owners, ready to financially support the work of the management. And so Pinto works on several tables to achieve the set goals. On the one hand the assignment of several players made redundant, which could help to put together a treasure to reinvest, on the other hand ensure players functional to the technical project on the incoming market.

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Transfer market Rome, turn right | New arrival and disposal in sight

One of the areas of the pitch that most need an intervention in the transfer market is the right wing. There Rick Karsdorp, hitherto sole master of the role, he needs someone who can make him catch his breath from time to time. Also because the season is long and the goal of going as far forward as possible in the Conference increases the number of commitments for Roma. It is no coincidence that Pinto’s dossiers include several right-backs. Mourinho’s favorite is Diogo Dalot, so far closed at Manchester United by Wan-Bissaka.

transfer market rome dalot
Diogo Dalot © LaPresse

The recent change on the bench of the Red Devils could change the hierarchies, but Dalot’s position hangs in the balance. Also because, according to the latest market rumors reported by, the new Manager Ralph Rangnik he would have asked the club to buy another right side. It is about Tariq Lamptey, protagonist of a season of the highest level in Brighton. Raised in the Chelsea youth academy, Lamptey is establishing himself at a high level after a bad injury that kept him in the pits for a long time last season. United wants to take him immediately and would be ready to invest between 20 and 30 million euros. It is clear that the arrival of another right side would open the doors to one assignment in that role: Pinto looks interested.


Calciomercato Roma green light January

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