Weather forecast November 28, Sunday of bad weather with rain in the South and scattered snow in the North

Weather forecast November 28, Sunday of bad weather with rain in the South and scattered snow in the North
Weather forecast November 28, Sunday of bad weather with rain in the South and scattered snow in the North

Intense rain and thunderstorms in the South, showers in the North and snow in the Center. The weather forecast for Sunday, November 28, indicates bad weather everywhere with a drop in minimum temperatures in the northern regions. Weather alerts on different regions.

It will be a Sunday of cold and rain that awaits us today Sunday 28 November. According to weather experts, in fact, the wave of bad weather that has been gripping Southern Italy for days will also reach the North where the rain will fall abundantly. According to the forecasts of the Meteorological Service of the Air Force, the sky will be cloudy in the morning over the central regions while there will be scattered rain and snow in the rest of the country as early as the morning, with particular intensity in Lombardy, Marche, Campania, Basilicata and Sardinia. The situation will worsen in the afternoon especially in Tuscany and Lazio, and it will continue to rain in Basilicata, Puglia and Sicily.

The Civil Protection yesterday issued a weather alert bulletin for today, Sunday 28 November: here are all the regions with the greatest risk of bad weather. In sections of Calabria and Basilicata the alert will be red.

In the north, heavy rains on Liguria and Piedmont

Specifically as regards the forecasts for today for the Northern regions, in the morning, according to the experts of the Air Force, the sky will be rather cloudy over Triveneto with weak widespread precipitation and snow even starting from 600 meters. From the afternoon the situation will diminish in almost all regions, while in the rest of Northern Italy the sky will be slightly cloudy except for some cloud cover in the Alpine areas where snow will also fall from 800-1000 meters. The rains will fall intensely mostly in the evening on Piedmont and Liguria.

Snow on the central Apennines between Abruzzo and Lazio

As for the central regions, however, the sky will be cloudy everywhere with showers scattered over Sardinia, the Tyrrhenian regions and Umbria, as well as the main Apennine areas. As for Tuscany and Lazio, we will have to wait until the evening to see an improvement. The snow will fall starting from 800 meters on the Apennine hills of Tuscany, Umbria and Marche, and starting from 1000 meters on Lazio and Abruzzo. On the remaining areas of the Center there will be irregular cloudiness but without showers.

Intense rains on Campania, Basilicata and Calabria

Finally, in the South the weather will be characterized for the whole day by intense rains in particular on the Tyrrhenian regions, on Sicily and on the Apennine areas of Molise and Puglia, thunderstorms will hit the Tyrrhenian areas of Campania, Basilicata and Calabria. On the remaining areas of the Adriatic regions, on the other hand, there will be ample cloud cover but without associated rainfall. Stationary maximum temperatures everywhere.

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