Arnautovic makes Bologna fly: 1-0 in La Spezia. Mihajlovic takes Juve

Arnautovic makes Bologna fly: 1-0 in La Spezia. Mihajlovic takes Juve
Arnautovic makes Bologna fly: 1-0 in La Spezia. Mihajlovic takes Juve

Mihajlovic’s team hits the woods 3 times, but with 7 ‘from the end they pass thanks to a penalty converted by the Austrian (6th center in the league)

From our correspondent Matteo Dalla Vite

28 november
– Spice

Bologna wins thanks to Arnautovic and it is the deserved prize of a second half lived with the accelerator always in action: the Austrian champion scores from a penalty caused by a high arm from Nzola and immediately goes to hug Mihajlovic on the bench. The symbol of a Bologna that returns to win after the knockout at home against Venice is him, a real driver in front of a Spezia who has never given up, who has always been in the game but without finding (also thanks to Skorupski) the way of the goal. For the Ligurians, only one victory in the last six races; for Bologna three poles (by Arna himself plus two by Barrow) and the 11-meter paw of the Austrian center-forward, the man bought to win games like this, dirty and difficult.

Double pole

Thiago Motta and Arnautovic were companions in the year of the Treble: who saw him in the front row and who did not, but the fact remains that the two met after so many years to give life to a turning point. The Spezia coach has to do without Gyasi and Verde (at the last moment) but does not give up on the 4-3-3 in which Nzola found the goals in the previous round. Mihajlovic puts practically the same formation that he lost (while playing) at home against Venezia: still trust in Orsolini; Soriano and Barrow just behind Arnautovic who starts this match with 5 goals. Rahel Saya, who fled from Afghanistan, was welcomed in La Spezia and a journalist for a day is invited to the stands; and while on the home team’s shirt there is the exemplary writing “We for she” to combat violence against women (the best of the players will be auctioned for charity), here is that the race begins with the Spezia arriving from a success in the last 5 races but which tries to “sanctify” the Peak, the scene of the victories against Salernitana and Turin. It starts a little late to let off a dense hailstorm and Bologna, back from two victories in the last three games, imposes itself with a very high center of gravity, inevitably risking lightning fast counterattacks that lead Spezia to engage Skorupski three times. But it is Arnautovic, on the other side, who takes the post in the 10 ‘as well as Barrow in the 44’, with the ball bouncing in the hands of Provedel. La Spezia makes man against man and the long balls find a Bologna so unbalanced that Skorupski is forced to return with his head at a height of thirty meters; the rossoblùs seek the advantage but Erlic (45 ‘) is very good at neutralizing a shot from Arnautovic.

Phrase to … effect

But Arna never leaves the game. Thiago Motta immediately makes three changes that try to give a more insightful face to Spezia, meanwhile Barrow takes the third pole of the race (17 ‘st), Skorupski neutralizes Salcedo and then here is Arnautovic taking and transforming the penalty: right-footed punishment for foul on Dominguez, Nzola does not jump and covers himself with his right arm in the middle of the area. A penalty that the Austrian himself takes charge of beating: 1-0 and running with a hug to Sinisa Mihajlovic who rightly elected him as leader. Bologna engages Fiorentina and Juventus and gets back on track after the knockout with Venice and after the phrase sculpted by Mihajlovic (“You have to be more ambitious”) which evidently had an effect.

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Arnautovic Bologna fly Spezia Mihajlovic takes Juve

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