Genoa, the mafia boss Salvatore Di Gangi dies overwhelmed by a train: just released from prison, he was a loyalist of Totò Riina

It has long been considered the mafia boss of Sciacca, a populous port municipality in the province of Agrigento, as well as one of the loyalists of the head of the Cosa Nostra leaders, Totò Riina. Salvatore Di Gangi, 79, died hit by a freight train in Genoa, while walking on a railway track near the Piazza Principe station. The body was found on Saturday around dinner time.

Until recently Di Gangi was imprisoned in ad Until, where he was serving one sentenced to 17 years for mafia association inflicted on him with an abbreviated procedure in the trial “Mountain“On the clans of Agrigento. The Palermo Court of Appeal, however, had recently decided to release him on the basis of a medical report attesting cognitive deficits.

The dynamics of death are still unclear and for this reason the District Anti-Mafia Directorate of the Ligurian capital has opened a file with the hypothesis of manslaughter. They investigate both the Mobile Team is there Polfer: the goal is to reconstruct his last movements, to understand what happened from the time he left the prison until his arrival in Genoa. The prosecutor Federico Manotti he also ordered an autopsy. Di Gangi had a train ticket in his pocket for a southern city.

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