“Test on the passengers of the plane with the infected on board”. Covid, 1,255 new cases – Corriere.it

“Test on the passengers of the plane with the infected on board”. Covid, 1,255 new cases – Corriere.it
“Test on the passengers of the plane with the infected on board”. Covid, 1,255 new cases – Corriere.it
from Carmen Plotino

Requested the passenger list of the flight from South Africa arrived in Rome on the 11th, swabs sequenced by Spallanzani. D’Amato: «We are operational». Vaccines: yesterday doubled the first doses, it is the first time. “Cases stable but incidence starts to slow down”

They were molecular tests activated on 133 passengers on the flight from South Africa and landed in Fiumicino onNovember 11th last and on which the Eni employee, from Campania, was traveling, subsequently infected by the variant of the coronavirus called Omicron. The Lazio Region, once it had the list of passengers, immediately ordered the swabs and tracking. The swabs will then be sequenced at the Institute Spallanzani to verify any other cases of Omicron variant. «The Ministry of Health has given us the boarding passes some passengers and we were ready to be operational», Explains the regional councilor for health Alessio D’Amato. But the Region also intends to test all residents in Lazio who have returned to Italy through the international airport of Fiumicino in the last few years 15 days from no-go areas.

Il report Covid

The figure of Sunday 28 November of positive cases stands at 1.255, stable from last week and this is important, as it seems to indicate a start of slowdown of the curve, with a hospitalization rate set times lower than a year ago thanks to the coverage of vaccines. «Saturday we had over 4 thousand vaccine administration to those who had not even given a dose until now, is an important boost for the vaccination campaign that in Lazio has exceeded the 9.3 million of administrations and booster doses are over 630 thousand, equal to 13% of the audience – specifies D’Amato who warns – We must keep calm no alarmism, get vaccinated, keep spacing and, where there are crowds, use the mask even outdoors“. In addition, bookings for the third dose at theopen day per gli over 40 of today. “The availability of places – announced the Department of Health – were sold out in a few hours”. Hence the invitation “not to go to vaccination hubs to avoid unnecessary gatherings”.

Fears about the Omicron variant

In Lazio the “hunt” for possible infections with the new variant of the coronavirus that comes from South Africa has started a few days ago. “The swabs are randomly sent to Spallanzani to be analyzed,” confirms the commissioner. However, as the governor of Lazio Zingaretti explains, “we currently have no signs of the presence of the Omicron variant, but it is right to anticipate it with caution and masks”. At the Spallanzani National Institute for Infectious Diseases in Rome, which took the field against Covid in January 2020 to treat the first two cases in Italy – Chinese tourists from Wuhan – a task force of experts has been active since Friday for the study of new variant. The goal, only after having viewed the data from the surveillance network, “is to sequence the virus – explain from the INMI – to monitor its spread and decide on any containment measures to be adopted, in agreement with the NICD (the South African institute of infectious diseases).

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