Journalist harassed, the police chasing the fan. The pat on the butt (live) outside the stadium

Journalist harassed, the police chasing the fan. The pat on the butt (live) outside the stadium
Journalist harassed, the police chasing the fan. The pat on the butt (live) outside the stadium

“I was doing my job and they groped me. It is unacceptable in 2021 ». Thus begins the denunciation of Greta Beccaglia, journalist of Toscana Tv who during the broadcast «A total goal» was carrying out his connection by collecting the reactions of the fans outside the Castellani stadium after the match Empoli-Fiorentina.

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In the middle of the service, a fan walked past her and patted her on the butt, stunned her Journalist. “Sorry, you can’t do this, I’m sorry,” she said immediately. In the studio, however, no solidarity came from the conductor, on the contrary: “Don’t get angry, don’t get angry,” she was told by her colleague.

The Odg: “Very serious, the colleague had to condemn”

The episode reached the Order of Journalists of Tuscany which in a note denounced what it called a “very serious episode of harassment against a journalist which took place live on TV at the end of the Empoli-Fiorentina match, in the days in which it was maximum attention is paid to combating violence against women “.

The Order of Journalists of Tuscany “condemns what happened” on Saturday afternoon and “expresses full solidarity with the journalist Greta Beccaglia who was immediately contacted by the president of the Order of Journalists of Tuscany, Giampaolo Marchini”. But, the Odg underlines, “whoever was in the studio, instead of condemning the gesture and the harasser, invited the colleague” not to take it “. No word of solidarity was heard towards her from the conductor ». Also with respect to this aspect of the story “the Order reiterates that the time has come to stop minimizing and reminds us that violence against women is first of all a cultural and social problem”.

The police are looking for the person responsible

Investigations are underway by the police station of Empoli (Florence) to identify the man who on Saturday afternoon harassed a journalist of the regional broadcaster Toscana TV, Greta Beccaglia while he was in direct connection with the studio after the match. Serie A football match between Empoli and Fiorentina. The police are trying, through witnesses and video surveillance images, to track down the person responsible for the harassment. The police will also listen to the journalist to reconstruct the story.

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