Who is Giovannino di Tu si que vales, the troublemaker of Sabrina Ferilli

Under the mask of Giovannino hides Giovanni Iovino, an actor and comedian originally from Naples, who has held several important roles in cinema. Among the most important, the mask of Pulcinella in Pinocchio by Matteo Garrone.

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Giovannino was one of the undisputed protagonists of this edition of You are worth it. The public has come to love the annoying but very nice heckler of Sabrina Ferilli, with which he created a winning couple. During the episodes, there were countless bickering, teasing and hilarious sketches put up by the two, which amused the audience until the last episode, but who is really hiding under Giovannino’s red cloak? He is Giovanni Iovino, actor, comedian and yes, also serial jammer to Tu si que vales.

Who is Giovanni Iovino, under the mask of Giovannino

Giovanni Iovino is a 26-year-old actor from Naples. He worked for over 5 years as an animator in tourist villages, then he embarked on a career in the world of cinema. In addition to some advertisements, a part in the third season of Gomorrah, his most important roles on the big screen are those in Naples veiled by Ferzan Ozpetek and in Pinocchio, the film by Matteo Garrone in 2019, where he played the mask of Pulcinella and the rabbit. Furthermore, together with his brother Andrea Iovino he is part of the theater company of Nola “Pipariello” by Antonio Esposito.

Giovanni Iovino to Tu si que vales

Giovanni Iovino is also very active on social media: on his Instagram profile @giovanni_is_giovannino and on his profile Tik Tok @jonnytokk the actor publishes numerous and hilarious videos of his characters, including Giovannino, the hilarious troublemaker of Sabrina Ferilli who has been harassed with “evil” jokes. On the occasion of the last episode of the program, Giovannino had the jury bring a cake to celebrate the 70 days of their acquaintance, which, judging by the success of the public, could be reconfirmed also in the next edition.


Giovannino vales troublemaker Sabrina Ferilli

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