“My wife Lucia? If one day you don’t recognize me, we’ll come back “

“My wife Lucia? If one day you don’t recognize me, we’ll come back “
“My wife Lucia? If one day you don’t recognize me, we’ll come back “

Protagonist of the block ‘dancers for a night’ together with his daughter Rosanna, Lino Banfi moves the studio and the audience of Dancing with the Stars. Before the performance they bring to the stage, the very popular Apulian actor tells his beautiful love story with his Lucia: a story that has been going on for 70 years, 10 of engagement and 60 of marriage, and that not even his wife’s illness will succeed. to destroy, say in tears father and daughter.

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“If one day he no longer recognizes me, it will mean that we will introduce ourselves again.” This said a while ago The actor. And if someone needed to define the meaning of love we will say that these words summarize everything. Alzheimer’s has been trying to drive the two lovers away for years. They were two boys, Lino and Lucia, when they met and fell in love: both from Puglia, she was a hairdresser, he, with that difficult dream even to confess, of becoming an actor.

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A love that has lasted for 70 years

It all started with the classic “fuitina”, and then in 1962 finally the wedding. A quick and intimate wedding. «We had made the fuitina so we were in sin. When they married us they told us “come on let’s hurry up that after I have a wedding”, as if we weren’t. But on the other hand, we didn’t have the money to do things big. ” A goal that they reached with difficulty but from then on the road saw them only winners. In 2012, however, they celebrated their golden anniversary in a big way: but in the end they really deserve it, they are an example for everyone. After a life aimed at finally building Lino and Lucia could live peacefully but the disease has come to make their “old age” turbulent. Lino does not accept it easily, even if he lives with it now (with all the love he can): «We have had a moderate life, never a trip abroad or a cruise, never. Now that I could, unfortunately I can’t do it because of your illness ». And again: «The best doctors follow you: I’m trying them all. As I said to you once, if one day you no longer recognize me we will introduce ourselves again. ‘

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