“The meeting that changed my life and what I ask the state today”

“The meeting that changed my life and what I ask the state today”
“The meeting that changed my life and what I ask the state today”

Gina Lollobrigida, international movie star, despite having passed the threshold of 90, confirms an unconditional passion for reading, animals and art, her greatest love. In this conversation with ilGiornale.it he talks about the director with whom he has established the deepest friendship, his favorite colleague, his habits and confesses that the most significant meeting he ever had was the one with Mother Teresa, with whom she used to confront every year. He then focuses on current events, from vaccines to the judgment on the head of government.

What is the typical day of a great star at 94?

“My day usually starts with a nice and hearty breakfast, I check my mail and then I get to work or I watch a documentary on animals. I have always been interested in learning about the world and its creatures. After lunch if I have any commitments I go out otherwise I always find something to do between work and reading, which remains one of my greatest passions. I never know how to stay without doing anything “.

He chose his lawyer after watching Netflix. What do you think of the current series and which is your favorite?

“I wanted to meet Dr. Ingroia after seeing him in the Netflix series“ Vendetta. ”More exactly, I was struck by the moment when he said he stopped being a magistrate to devote himself to the defense of people who have suffered injustice. There I understood that could have been the right one and that could have done for me. At the moment I don’t have a favorite TV series, I just try to find out about what’s happening in the world. “

Do you prefer to watch series on TV or on your tablet?

“I definitely prefer to watch television in an armchair or on the sofa. It’s something else entirely, I assure you.”

At his age, many are afraid of the Coronavirus. How did you deal with the pandemic?

“With great regret for those who unfortunately were directly affected by it. For this reason I decided to make a small contribution to the vaccine awareness campaign with some videos and participating in some television programs such as Domenica In. I am vaccinated and I was happy to do it when it was my turn. A civic duty that I believe no one can escape from “.

What do you think of the Draghi government? Does the head of government remind you of anyone from the past?

“Although not interested in politics, I consider him a man of depth that Italy needed in this particular moment”.

Among the actors and above all the Italian actresses is there anyone you admire in particular and why?

“Certainly Claudia Cardinale and I was very upset because I haven’t been able to hear from her for some time”.

What is the moment in your career that you do not forget and that you would like to repeat every day?

“When I was lucky enough to know and follow Mother Teresa, whom I had the opportunity to see every year. It is an experience that will never leave my life and my head. We are talking about indescribable sensations and emotions. Something like that I believe that it can hardly be repeated “.

With which director, among the various De Sica, Luttuada, Monicelli and Soldati, did that relationship that could be defined special?

“The friendship with Vittorio De Sica was wonderful. Despite having met so many people, I can say that that was one of the most true, one of those friendships that can be considered very rare”.

Towards the end of her career she also dedicated herself to a career as a photojournalist, interviewing Fidel Castro. What impressed you the most during that interview?

“The way he defended himself. His character in doing so and his determination to push his line forward.”

There is love in every person’s life. What was your biggest?

“Without a shadow of a doubt art. It always has been and will always be. Everything that is art fascinates me”.

What is the most difficult and troubled part of his existence?

“The struggle that I have been having in recent years with the Italian justice system (due to the disagreement with her son since Andrea Piazzolla, assistant and handyman, who she considers as a son, joined her life, ed). It is something I do not wish for no one. I have the right, as I have said many times, to live and die in peace. I have not really done anything wrong to deserve this. “

How important do you think a justice reform is today?

“If Italy wants to progress, to be in step with the times, a reform of the justice is indispensable, of the real ones and which can bring about a real change that is needed. In some respects, as in this case, we unfortunately remain one of the most backward countries, while the world goes at double speed “.

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