Eight Christmas trees in Milan from Piazza Duomo to the Darsena (but none in the suburbs) – Corriere.it

Eight Christmas trees in Milan from Piazza Duomo to the Darsena (but none in the suburbs) – Corriere.it
Eight Christmas trees in Milan from Piazza Duomo to the Darsena (but none in the suburbs) – Corriere.it
from Andrea Senesi

Fewer fir trees (in 2020 there were 18) but with a higher value (2.3 million euros). The tree in Piazza Duomo sponsored by the real estate company Gva Redilco & Sigest which has Barbara, Eleonora and Luigi Berlusconi among the partners. Piazza Scala, XXIV May, 25 April, Cordusio, San Fedele, San Carlo, Citylife: that’s who invests in Christmas. Illuminations, Netflix lights up Corso Como, Corso Garibaldi and Via Padova

Fewer trees but more precious. Not too Christmas a synthesis but certainly effective: because the outcome of the announcement with which Palazzo Marino seeks sponsors to light up the city’s squares says there will be only eight Christmas trees this year. Last year, after the months of lockdown, there were more than double: eighteen. The value of the installations will be decidedly higher than that of 2020. Two million and 375 thousand euros against the one million and four hundred thousand euros of last year. Christmas will obviously live in Piazza Duomo where, among the three-four proposals arrived in the offices of the Municipality, the one signed by Gva Redilco & Sigest, real estate company (among the minority shareholders Barbara, Eleonora and Luigi Berlusconi) that with 488 thousand euros will finance the maxi-tree in the symbolic square of the city (last year’s one was branded Coca Cola). The Superintendency has yet to give the last opinion regarding the location and size of the tree, but the proposal respects the guidelines indicated.

The map of trees

Eight trees. The one financed by Jo Malone will arrive in piazza della Scala, a perfume brand, estimated value of 244 thousand euros, in piazza XXV Aprile the Cartoon Network tree stands out (308 thousand euros the estimated value of the work), in piazza XXIV Maggio, Radio Deejay will finance the installation. In Cordusio it will then be Lancome (366 thousand euros), in piazza San Carlo in A2a (122 thousand euros), in Piazza San Fedele again at Cartoon Network (186 thousand euros), while the tree under the skyscrapers of Piazza Tre Torri will be financed by City Life (value of 96 thousand euros).

The value of the installations

The councilor for Sport, Tourism and Youth Policies Martina Riva still sees the glass as half full: Although the number of trees is lower than in 2020, the value of sponsorships is higher. It means that this year we will have more important installations. Fewer sponsors. The hypothesis circulates that in 2020 the big brands had more liquidity available in this period to promote the brands after the months of lockdown. This year, according to the same reconstruction, many resources would have already been invested during the summer months. The fact is that in 2020 the fir trees had also arrived in the suburbs, from Greco to Rubattino, while this year the Municipality’s Christmas, apart from Citylife, will not go beyond the confines of the most central squares. As for the lighting, which according to tradition on the calendar for Sant’Ambrogio, could be brought forward by a few hours, to the evening of 6 December (the next day, in addition to the first of La Scala, there will be English fans for Milan around the center. -Liverpool). Finally, the lights. Netflix will illuminate Corso Como and Corso Garibaldi, but also via Padova. Ralph Lauren will instead sign the lights of via Spiga and a section of via Forze Armate.

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