Giulia Scaffidi, 17, killed by anorexia. “She wanted to be a model, she pursued the beauty of social networks” –

Giulia Scaffidi, 17, killed by anorexia. “She wanted to be a model, she pursued the beauty of social networks” –
Giulia Scaffidi, 17, killed by anorexia. “She wanted to be a model, she pursued the beauty of social networks” –
from Francesco Gastaldi

The little girl had come to weigh 26 kilograms. The appeal of his brother Tony: «The world of fashion and fashion bloggers lead by example. It is also beautiful with a few extra pounds ». The boiling water, the stairs at night, the shelters, the coma: this is how Giulia Scaffidi died

«Beware of false messages coming from the world of fashion bloggers and social media. If you aspire to appear more beautiful, it is not by giving up food that you will reach it ». Tony Scaffidi has a firm and confident voice. Two hours earlier they buried his sister Giulia, 17, who was killed by anorexia. Thursday, in the pediatric ward of the Lodi hospital where she was hospitalized, Giulia Scaffidi went into a coma at 5 in the morning. Seven hours later she died. He would have turned 18 in a month.

The illness

She had been suffering from anorexia for three years, in the last few months she had come to weigh 26 kilos. “But she saw herself perfect like this: she wore makeup every day, used face creams and nail polishes to bring out the beauty that, from her point of view, she had finally achieved”, says Tony, the 37-year-old older brother and a job like art director and make-up artist in fashion, the very world that Giulia was trying to reach. Forcing himself first to heavier and heavier diets and “then slipping day after day into anorexia”. Four years ago his father died («But despite the pain, I don’t think that was the cause of his illness», says Mrs. Elena, the mother). “Like my sister I have seen too many – adds the brother -. Models who in the spasmodic search for physical perfection live a life of deprivation. They work for hours and hours without ever stopping: they don’t eat anything all day, not even a coffee. I don’t know how they can hold up ».

Giulia and the dream of fashion

«Giulia had started like this», says mother Elena. He dreamed of a life in the fashion world. Beautiful, a sunny smile and a cascade of blonde curls. But a worm that devoured her inside, that dream of physical perfection through thinness which would then border on anorexia. “He doesn’t know the wars we waged when we realized he had started hiding food – Tony and mother Elena tell -. The first time we hospitalized her in Piacenza. She was treated for four months and seemed to be on the road to recovery by the time she got out of the hospital“. Then things got worse again. He ate nothing, he drank only boiling water. “He used to go up and down the stairs in the middle of the night to keep fit.”

The admissions to Villa Garda and San Paolo

Other hospitalizations, two consecutive in the specialized center for eating disorders in Villa Garda. “The last time she was discharged after a month. He told me: “Mom, I’m sick of doctors”. During the pandemic we were together at the San Paolo, in Milan, confined to a small room for five months to avoid catching Covid. A hell”. Both mom Elena and brother Tony don’t want other girls to suffer the same hell. “The very world they try to emulate must begin to lead by example. Let fashion bloggers lead by example, avoid comparing the achievement of perfect shape with food sacrifices. It is also beautiful with a few extra pounds. I am ready to lend a hand if needed. To show the photos of how Giulia had become so that other girls no longer fall into this mistake ».

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