the attacker on the run among passers-by-

the attacker on the run among passers-by-
the attacker on the run among passers-by-
from Federico Berni

Two young people injured, one seriously in the hospital with a deep cut to the face. It was the Saturday when the new Christmas attraction was open to the public. Controversy on security in the area of ​​Corso Milano and Via Manzoni

The Ferris wheel does not cancel the degradation of Largo Mazzini, the entrance to the center of Monza coming from the train station. Two people stabbed, one of whom was transported in red code to the hospital, on the first evening of the opening to the public of the main attraction of Christmas 2021 for the Brianza capital, celebrated and photographed to the point of excess on the social groups of the city.

What happened

The attacker – according to testimonies a North African, as well as the two victims – he fled by shoving passers-by after having raged against two young people probably using a knife around 9.30 pm on Saturday evening, in a center crowded with onlookers who came for a walk among the lights installed throughout the streets of the historic center. This, at least, according to the very first reconstruction made by the carabinieri. According to reports from the regional relief agency, one of the two injured is 22 years old. The witnesses speak of a man with a very evident cut that crossed half of his face, and another more serious, with a very serious trauma to the head, rescued in via Italia, a few tens of meters from the Ferris wheel that overlooks Largo Mazzini, below. which took place the patrols of the carabinieri and the local police, a police car from the Police Headquarters and the fire brigade, who washed the pools of blood left on the streets of the city promenade.

Safety in Monza

In years of controversy, reinforced surveillance, investigations and police checks, the few hundred meters that separate the railway station from Largo Mazzini, passing through Corso Milano and up to the beginning of Via Manzoni, remain the most problematic from the point of view of public order, especially in the evening, due to drug dealing, excessive consumption of alcohol, and the presence of stragglers, both foreigners and Italians.

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