The Venice-Inter report cards: Romero attentive, Calhanoglu in a state of grace

34′ Calhanoglu, 90’+6′ Lautaro Martinez

VENEZIA (edited by Marco Pieracci)

Romero 6,5 – Responsive in stopping Dzeko with his feet and on several other occasions. On the first goal he is not helped by the slippery ground that turns Calhanoglu’s shot into a bullet. Lautaro displaces him from the spot.

Mazzocchi 5 – On that side, Inter broke through too easily. He does not find the countermeasures to stem Perisic’s race and Dimarco’s overlaps. From 62 ‘ Jonhsen 5,5 – The frenzy of choices continues to be his biggest limitation.

Caldara 6,5 – Game after game he is finding confidence in his means. Beautifully styled advances and closures reminiscent of those of a few years ago.

Ceccaroni 6,5 – Concentrated, both in Dzeko’s marking and on preventive readings. Like when he goes to brick Darmian’s conclusion.

Haps 6 – Darmian is experiencing a magical moment but this time he doesn’t spark. He supports the offensive maneuver by cutting towards the center. Save a goal on the line, in the final cause the 2-0 penalty.

Ampadu 6 – Zanetti’s multipurpose joker: he starts in the middle and closes as a full-back. He always puts pressure on his opponents, forcing even Skriniar to make a mistake. From 85 ‘Crnigoj sv

Cow 6 – He immediately risks causing a penalty by touching Correa in the area. After the fright, he starts fanning with good openings. From 71 ‘ Tessmann 6 – A good opportunity is built but the aim is wrong.

Busio 6 – Not much in the middle of the maneuver in the first half. Then he puts aside his shyness and begins to play with his usual personality.

Aramu 6,5- A little to the left, a little to the right, defending the ball with his technique. Test Handanovic’s reflexes, drawing a poisonous downward parabola. We try again in the second half. From 71 ‘ Henry 5,5 – He is noted only for a hand ball in the area.

Kiyine 5.5 – Zanetti’s surprise move to increase the quality of offensive dribbling. Soft foot, too bad it lacks concreteness.

Okereke 5.5 – It moves on the entire offensive front with great continuity but it is too lonely to worry one of the best defenses in Europe. From 85 ‘Forte sv

Paolo Zanetti 6 – Wait for Inzaghi’s team in their own half, but without fear. He asks his defenders to always move the ball without giving up the dribble to get out of the Inter pressure. He surrenders to a much stronger opponent, coming out with his head held high.

Handanovic 6.5: Rarely called into question, he responds present when serving as on Aramu’s poisonous end in the first half.

Cabinet 6.5: Excellent defensive test where nothing is wrong in the closures. Furthermore, he is a constant danger even in the offensive area with Haps who in the second half takes away the joy of the goal.

Sticks 6.5: Great performance as a backward director. Always lucid in his choices to restart his team playing as a veteran and guiding the rear with a good attitude.

Dimarco 6: In the first half he pushes a lot going to accompany Perisic, in the second half the effort pays a little and tends to hold the position more by giving a hand to the defense. In the final he climbs to midfield, but the knockout blow is missing.

Darmian 6: In the first half he is among the most positive and the most dangerous balls arrive from his lane. However, he drops to the distance, also paying for the three races in a row until he comes out for a muscle problem. Dal 70° Dumfries 6: Good run and some quick ideas to get the team back on their feet. Also good in the area to close on opponents.

Stretcher 6: Perhaps less lucid in his choices than other times, but he is the man everywhere in the Nerazzurri midfield. He runs everywhere and unlike other companions grows over time. True leader even when he encourages his comrades to attack and not be satisfied. From the 81st Gagliardini sv: It is placed in the middle of the field in the last minutes to give more freshness to the department.

Brozovic 6: Race of great substance in the middle of the field. It gives balance to the team and allows Barella or Calhanoglu to throw themselves forward to support the attacking action. It is increasingly fundamental for the Nerazzurri midfield. Society must absolutely lock it up.

Calhanoglu 7: Unlock a difficult race with a great conclusion from the edge to crown a more than positive performance in the middle of the field. Third goal in a row for the Turkish who is experiencing a great moment of form.from 56th Vecino 6: He wastes a nice counterattack shortly after his entry. Then it grows and supports the offensive action well.

Perisic 6,5: More winger than fifth in midfield. He is one of the most active in the offensive maneuver with his thrusts and cuts. He misses the knockout blow, but doesn’t spare himself while he’s on the pitch. Dal 81° D’Ambrosio sv: He stands behind to lend a hand to the rearguard to repel the latest lagoon assaults.

Dzeko 6: He plays by varying on the whole offensive front, so much so that sometimes you find him crossing from the wing. He is not very lucid like other times in the penalty area, but he does a fundamental and expensive job to keep the team high and open spaces for his teammates.

Correa 5,5: One of the less brilliant, he tries to dialogue with his teammates and open passages with his movement, but he never manages to become dangerous in the last 20 meters. From the 56th Lautaro 6.5: He enters with a nice air, becomes dangerous on a couple of occasions and then puts his signature on the match, coldly realizing the penalty in the final.

Simone Inzaghi 6.5: He closes a great week in the best possible way by scoring three points on a very difficult field and against a team that plays well and is well placed. Offensive attitude, aimed at creating play with continuity without skimping on the energy to spend or trying to control the game by managing the advantage.

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