with Omicron faster infections, we will understand if it evades vaccines

November 28, 2021 8:58 AM

The CTS coordinator: “Immunizing remains fundamental, and further evaluations are needed on the mutation”

The “crucial question”, explains Locatelli to Corriere della Sera, is precisely whether the new variant can escape vaccines: “The presence of mutations in the regions of the spike protein recognized by antibodies or lymphocyte T cells could partially reduce the effectiveness of vaccines . However, only further evaluations will give us an evidence-based answer. “

Locatelli then illustrates the timing for vaccines for children: “They should be offered vaccination to protect their health, to facilitate their school attendance and to protect social activities. The pediatric vaccines will be available a few days before Christmas and we will proceed with a
dosage that is equal to one third of that of adults by administering two doses three weeks apart “. And he reiterates the fact that, more than the reduction of the Rt index,” the real reason for vaccinating children is the protection of their health”.

Finally, Locatelli foreshadows a squeeze on the effectiveness of swabs to obtain the green pass: “We know the limits of antigenic tests, they have a reduced sensitivity. The decision to maintain the validity times of the results with antigenic and molecular tests is consistent with the current scenario but can be revised should the situation worsen “.


Omicron faster infections understand evades vaccines

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