an ex-Retro Studios admits he was disappointed by Nintendo Wii –

an ex-Retro Studios admits he was disappointed by Nintendo Wii –
an ex-Retro Studios admits he was disappointed by Nintendo Wii –

Metroid Prime 3 continues to be a great game, which proved what Nintendo Wii was capable of even for the most passionate gamers, but among the same Retro studios apparently there were those who, at the time, stayed rather disappointed by the technical characteristics of the console.

Wii was indeed a huge commercial success, but featured a hardware not quite in step with the competition, focusing above all on the peculiar characteristics of the control system, as well as obviously on the usual quality of the first party software where the Metroid Prime trilogy shone.

In Reece Reilly’s podcast, Jack Matthews, a former lead engineer at Retro Studios, admitted he was a little disappointed with the Nintendo Wii’s rather limited hardware capabilities.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, a scene from the game

The technical limitations of the console had led to a sort of burn-out some developers, who were trying to push the game on the technical side but encountered too many obstacles.

According to Matthews, the feeling was like that of being “confined in a small box”, as well as “falling behind” compared to contemporary times and competing technology. As a young developer, the engineer in question would have liked to work on the latest possible technological solutions, but Nintendo Wii did not allow this.

After working on Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, the development of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption gave rise to a certain sense of monotony in some developers at Retro Studios, who in fact realized they were working on a fundamentally very similar machine. to Gamecube, more than a generational evolution.

After finishing work on Metroid Prime 3, Matthews then left Retro Studios and joined Armature along with other colleagues, working on ReCore and Batman Arkham Origins: Black Gate. Ironically, none of the games developed later ever reached the fame or level of quality of the Metroid Prime trilogy.

Moving on to the news, we are waiting for Metroid Prime 4, but the problem is that even Nintendo does not yet know when it will be released. Meanwhile, the Metroid Prime Trilogy remaster for Nintendo Switch is ready, says Emily Rogers.

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