Gasp: “The players gave everyone a gift, Atalanta drives well”


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The words of the Atalantino coach after the victory with Juve in Turin.

Gian Piero Gasperini got his first victory tonight at the Allianz Stadium in Turin against Juventus, but in reality the figure is even more relevant and it is the Nerazzurri himself who underlines it. “The players gave everyone a gift, to the city of Bergamo, Atalanta hadn’t won at Juventus since 1989 – he explained to Dazn -. It was a very physical and close match, we played evenly. Atalanta has been driving well since the start of the season, otherwise they wouldn’t have 28 points. At home we have not collected results due to some unfavorable episode, we have been in a moment of emergency, but many have adapted. But it happens to many teams. Some results show things in a different way, but the performances have always been of a level ». Atalanta are going through a good moment, but Gasperini’s analysis is more extensive. «There were moments in which we had many players out, physically we lost something, like in Manchester. Now that we have recovered a bit, we are all able to handle teams like Juve that can create great pressure for you. And if we manage to withstand the impact we can propose ourselves again ».


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Gasp players gave gift Atalanta drives

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