Tony Augello, a brave and beautiful story of the Roman right – Il Tempo

Tony Augello, a brave and beautiful story of the Roman right – Il Tempo
Tony Augello, a brave and beautiful story of the Roman right – Il Tempo

Francesco Storace

November 28, 2021

Two brothers and a community, clinging to the banks of a small, glorious vessel. It was the MSI, it was that MSI, and there were the brothers Tony and Andrea Augello, pillars of the Roman right. On the twentieth anniversary of Tony’s death – which went too far too prematurely – his brother Andrea wrote a book about him and the stories of those who were close to both of them. Tomorrow, Monday, the book «Once upon a time there was my brother» will be presented at 6 pm at the Albani hotel in Rome in via Adda, by Goffredo Bettini, Gaetano Quagliariello and by the writer. Luca Telese will moderate the meeting – under the aegis of the Magna Carta Foundation. First of all, the author, Andrea Augello, who we find after an extraordinary experience as an excellent councilor for the Lazio region, immersed in a beautiful history of culture, rich in values ​​that give meaning to political militancy.

And then, Tony, who in our part of Italy we defined as a hunter of mayors to be put in place to counter that registry of need that in Rome was managed by the DC and PCI. He did so, to counter the hegemony of the big parties, focusing on the ignored young people, on the workers abandoned by the regime’s unionism and infiltrating the most disadvantaged neighborhoods. Among the many, he was the obstinate creator of Gianfranco Fini’s candidacy for mayor of Rome, while militating in the adverse current, the “Rautian” one. Tony Augello was a gift for all of us and he could have been a gift for a city he loved too, he would have been the perfect mayor. He loved a city where the national-popular challenge had to be taken, this is how his brother Andrea paints his thoughts. The strength of popular roots, the attempt to raise neighborhoods against red hegemony, neighborhood committees such as public housing.

Andrea tells it to us with extraordinary sagacity, in describing a life lived growing up with Tony, immersion in beautiful novels, the flavor of the culture that has surrounded their lives. And above all the experience of that Missina community which was different from the rest of society. The vanquished who were not taken prisoner and cultivated “dreams, regrets, memories, hopes of millions of Italians.” But also the very hard years. That anxiety after the Primavalle massacre, the terrible leap in level of the far left. It was not easy to avoid the lure of terrorism, and Tony – Andrea recalls – in Rome represented with other leaders and militants the brake on the temptation “to arm a party behind the party”, while those boys were dying in clusters.

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