The journey between three regions of the first Italian infected by the Omicron variant: from Africa to Rome, Milan and Caserta

The Omicron variant has arrived in Italy. The first patient in Campania has been discovered: it is an Eni employee of Caserta who works in Mozambique, whose journey began 17 days ago. L’November 11thin fact, the man flew from Mozambique to Rome. From there he made a stop, by car, in Caserta where he spent three days with his family. Then he headed to Milan where he was supposed to carry out a routine check-up visit scheduled by the company. Finally he moved to Fiumicino to return to the African country, only to return back to Caserta, given the positive result of the swab. With him, his entire family, five members (wife, two small children and the two in-laws who live with them) are also infected. The Eni employee, when he left Mozambique, tested negative for Covid, had no symptoms and his health conditions were good, as today the Courier service. He had been vaccinated with a double dose.

Infected the whole family: she has mild symptoms

To certify that his was the Omicron variant was the Sacco hospital in Milan while the tracing was carried out by the Ats of the Lombard capital, before then moving on to the Campania ASL. Once the positivity to Covid was discovered, the tracking was triggered but no close contact – apart from family members – emerged as the man traveled by car and in Milan he spent the night alone in a hotel. So it shouldn’t have infected anyone. The Higher Institute of Health, meanwhile, has announced that “sequencing has been scheduled on the samples of the patient’s family contacts who were positive and resident in the Campania region, whose laboratories have been alerted and are already working to obtain the genomic results “. The classmates of the manager’s children tested negative but the test will be repeated in the next few days for safety. At the moment the infected family has mild or nonexistent symptoms, the situation seems to be they are in control. The Omicron variant, therefore, is already circulating in our country, for how long and above all how many people it may have already hit, at the moment, is not known.

Archive cover photo: ANSA / TELENEWS

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