The Spiderman of the children wins the “Tim Vision” award of “Tu Sì Que Vales”

November 28, 2021 01:44

Mattia Villardita convinced the five judges unanimously

Mattia Villardità is the winner of the category “Tim Vision Passion for Talent” a “You are worth it“. Better known as lo Spiderman of children, the young man already known for giving “hugs” and fun to little ones patients of the pediatric hospitals convinced the jury “unanimously”. He made it known before the award ceremony Gerry Scotti, one of five judges on the talent show of Channel 5.


This award is for my family who brought me this far – declared Mattia who was awarded 30 thousand euros – I dedicate it to all my friends who have supported me after a long suffering “, concludes the young man visibly excited for the victory.


Spiderman children wins Tim Vision award Vales

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