Switzerland puts the Green pass to the vote in a referendum

Switzerland puts the Green pass to the vote in a referendum
Switzerland puts the Green pass to the vote in a referendum

It’s official: in Swiss we will vote for the Green pass. The Swiss electorate is therefore called to the polls on Sunday 28 November to pronounce on the “Covid certificate”, as it is called in the country.

It will therefore be the first country in the world to call its citizens to decide whether or not to maintain green certification. The latter has been in force in Switzerland since 13 September and is mandatory to go to restaurants, the cinema, to go to the gym, to university or to participate in major cultural and sporting events. It should not be forgotten that this is the second time that the Swiss have voted in a referendum on health measures to combat the pandemic. The first time was on June 13 and it was necessary to express themselves about the coronavirus law, accepted that time with over 60% of the votes.

The Swiss situation

The vaccine in the country has always been a very sensitive topic for many. In particular in the German-speaking Switzerland. It is therefore no surprise that with less than two-thirds of the population with both doses this has one of the lowest vaccination rates in Western Europe. The situation is, in fact, worrying to say the least. THE contagion in the last period they have grown exponentially: in the space of two weeks the incidence has reached 870.82 infections per 100 thousand inhabitants and they increase from 40% to 50% every week. The hospitals are also full and the situation is becoming unbearable. As reported by Tgcom24, it is estimated that 10% of Swiss healthcare workers have left the profession since the beginning of the pandemic. Without forgetting two other factors. The first is the proximity to Germany and Austria, both nations in full emergency. The second is the concern over the Omicron variant which immediately stopped flights with southern Africa.

The Minister of Health, Alain Berset, in order to try to counteract the spread as much as possible, is planning new restrictions, among these he does not exclude mandatory vaccination, such as neighboring Austria.

Despite this, many continue to take to the streets and organize events to protest and collect signatures against the green certificate. The face of the no considers the certificate a violation of individual freedoms. They have collected 50,000 signatures, the minimum number in Switzerland to start a referendum, to vote against the new anti Covid measures.

The polls

The climate compared to when the vote was held in June is much tighter. For months, in fact, the main political personalities of the nation have been targeted and threatened. According to the polls, however, despite a very aggressive no Green pass campaign, it seems that this will be maintained. There should be a stable percentage that declares itself in favor of 61% against 38% against. Only 1% are still undecided.

The last word, however, remains with the voters. The big unknown is the turnout.

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