Crozza-Salvini did not take the line of the Northern League governors well: “Did you see how gloomy I am? I don’t publish caz *** on TikTok anymore”

In the new episode of Brothers of Crozza – aired every Friday in prime time on the New e in streaming su Discovery + – Maurizio Crozza in the role of Matteo Salvini he lashes out against his very loyal members of the League: “Why don’t I speak more with those beautiful Italian lists of the past? Ask the Fedrigos, the Zaii, the Giorgettis who make friends and then maybe send the police to Morisi’s house … did they know very well that Morisi was selling me the lists? Without Morisi’s lists I am like Guglielmo Mariotto without Dancing with the stars… I don’t exist! ”.

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CrozzaSalvini line Northern League governors gloomy dont publish caz TikTok anymore

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