who is it? / Sadeck, choreographer Geometrie Variable won!

who is it? / Sadeck, choreographer Geometrie Variable won!
who is it? / Sadeck, choreographer Geometrie Variable won!

The winner of the eighth edition of You are worth it, which wins the prize of 100 thousand euros in gold tokens, is Sadeck Geometrie Variable. The choreographer let himself go to tears, then was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of his dancers who showered him with hugs. Then he wanted to thank the jury, who embraced. While the other finalists cheered him and celebrated the victory of Tu si que vales, Belen Rodriguez was the protagonist of a nice curtain with Maria De Filippi.

Due to the confusion, he did not understand when the episode would really end: «Maria, I’m not understanding a tube anymore. You tell me when it ends because I closed it three times … », said the Argentine showgirl. Meanwhile Sadeck was crying for joy… But for him and his dancers the party has just begun. (adj. by Silvana Palazzo)

The Tim Vision Award goes to Mattia Villardita …

The final episode of You are worth it comes alive with the awards. We start with the Tim Vision Award, which donates 30 thousand euros in gold tokens to the talent chosen by the jury. “We voted unanimously,” he reveals Gerry Scotti. Then Giulia Stabile let the name slip away even before the announcement started: it is Mattia Villardita. «You deserved this award, you are the Spiderman with a heart of gold. You’re a big thank you for what you do for these kids, ”she says Belen Rodriguez. «This award is for my family who have ferried me here, I dedicate it to all my friends who brought me here after a long suffering. I thank all of you », comments Mattia Villardita very excited for the victory. Now televoting opens to choose between Alessandro Mosca, Cristian Sabba, Sadeck Geometrie Variable e Alessandro Parabiaghi. (adj. by Silvana Palazzo)

The results of the third heat

At the end of the third heat of the final of You are worth 2021 comes the proclamation of the third competitor to win a place in the final at the end of which the winner will then be proclaimed. Between Rob Lake, Sadeck, Idanna Abignente, Gaggi, Manuel and Francesco is the choreographer Sadeck to conquer that coveted place. His new choreography, in addition to having conquered the four judges, also made its way into the audience at home. We will find him alongside the two athletes Alessandro Mosca and Cristian Sabba in the final vote. At their side there will be a fourth and final finalist who will be chosen in the last heat, the one that sees the four artists competing who at their first performance have won 100% approval from the public. (Update by Anna Montesano)

Alessandro Mosca and Cristian Sabba pass by

The first four-way fight in the final of You are worth it, approaching the podium, is Alessandro Mosca, the acrobat engineer who won 40% of the votes, just enough to overtake the motorcyclist Samuele Zuccali (35%), the Ladies Soprano (8%) and Kai Leclerc and Alexandra Buzas (17%). In the second group, on the other hand, the very young Cristian Sabba got the better of it with 38% of the votes, thus surpassing Lea Kyle (37%), Solasta (8%) and Neguin (17%).

Own Cristian Sabba might be the surprise of this edition of You are worth it, as she managed to overcome a surprising artist like Lea Kyle who had so amazed the audience. Meanwhile, the grand finale is approaching, but there are still many performances to see yet and all the balances could jump … (adj. By Silvana Palazzo)

Winner You Si que Vales 2021, who is it? Ready for the final…

And everything is ready for the finale di Tu Si Que Vale s2021, with the proclamation of winner which is now around the corner. We have reached the last stage of this exciting season and Maria De Filippi, Teo Mammucari, Gerry Scotti and Rudy Zerbi are preparing, together with the public, to witness the amazing numbers of the finalists in the race. The expectation is growing to find out who will be this year’s winner and, as always, the predictions on the possible champion are taking shape.

We remind you that the competitors competing in this final will compete for the first prize of one hundred thousand euros and that they will be awarded directly through televoting, an essential and decisive element for the final episode of Tu si que Vales 2021. So let’s figure out who could be the winner, but above all who are the artists left in the race for the final appointment.

Winner Tu Si que Vales 2021, who is it? Balanced predictions

So as possible winner from You Are You Are Worth 2021 we have the young and talented illusionist Alessandro Parabiaghi, but also Sadeck, protagonist on stage together with his magnificent corps de ballet left all the judges speechless. There is little Duo Rokashkovs, formed by acrobats and dancers whose choreography left the spectators speechless. We also have Gaggi, Manuel and Francesco, three valiant athletes who make strength and precision their greatest talent.

There are also the boys of the Duo Noar, specializing in breathtaking numbers. Then Samuel and his motorcycle with which he makes dizzying jumps, as well as Mat and Mym and their performances on skates, finally Cristian and its rope, but also and Solasta e Jonathan, talents of the highest level who have won applause throughout the season. Which of them will be the winner?


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