Milan, the City Council fails to say “no” to surrogacy

Milan, the City Council fails to say “no” to surrogacy
Milan, the City Council fails to say “no” to surrogacy

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On Thursday 25 November, the City Council rejected the motion of the Councilor of the League Deborah Giovanati, presented on the occasion of the Day against violence against women, to invite the classroom to express opposition to the practice of “renting a womb” and to condemn “any practice that considers the child a product “. A motion that, however, divided the classroom, also garnering excellent consents and abstentions in the center-left majority, despite the stomach ache of the Sala junta, expressed by the councilor for Civic and General Services Gaia Romani. “It is a text written in a superficial way and placed in a misleading way – explained the councilor of the Democratic Party Romani -. The term “rented uterus” is also offensive and degrading; our legal system already provides for the opposition to the public order of the practice of surrogacy “.

A lost opportunity

“A strong message must start from the city council today – said Giovanati -. I am sorry that the Milan council rejected a motion calling for the condemnation and commodification of children. The even sadder thing is that we did not have the courage to reiterate today the opposition to violence by those who consider women as only a reproductive uterus “.
The motion was rejected with 13 votes in favor and 20 against. Many abstained. But the political fact that as many as four exponents of the Democratic Party – Alice Arienta, Roberta Osculati, Rosario Pantaleo and Valerio Pedroni – voted in favor, highlighting how in Milan in the dem not everyone on such sensitive topics think the same way.
“During the open debate in the City Council on the motion of Councilor Giovanati on combating violence against women and children, we voted in favor because we would like to reiterate our absolute opposition to the practice of surrogacy – said Arienta and Osculati -. The text is not completely linear because it does not pay due attention to the child, who as a minor is the weakest figure to be protected and we want to put him at the top of our attention as he has no say in the matter “.
“We must continue to do serious information and bring attention outside the political sphere – added Osculati -. Otherwise the issue risks remaining battleground only for those who have an interest in supporting the practice of the rented uterus “.
“The human being is dignity itself, it cannot be used as an end, but the opposition to the practice must therefore be reiterated and greater attention must be paid to the desire for parenthood which must take into account the dignity of human beings and children”, Arienta concluded. .


Milan City Council fails surrogacy

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