Japan, many mistakes with Covid: the strategy in the hands of a group of technocrats

by Enrico Masi

Here the first part

I take up again from the speech of the 135 thousand condemned to a dramatic “Stay home”. In fact, it is written “home care“But we read” abandoned to their fate “. Patients will have to face Covid with an oximeter, rehydrating solutions and other basic necessities sent by health centers.

Furthermore, this operation has several side effects. In the case of people living in a family, that of extending the infection to family members living under the same roof; on the contrary, for those who live alone, in the event of a sharp deterioration you risk dying in solitude. With a sudden drop in saturation to 90 or below that threshold and subsequent difficulty in breathing, will you be able to make a phone call for help?

And the controversy has ignited over the deaths during house arrest. In September, police revealed that there were as many as 250 suspicious deaths from Covid in August. And there are also cases of people who for distracting errors of employees of health centers they remained alone until the end. Already on 10 August, the first opposition party asked the government to account for the number of people who died from Covid during house arrest. But the response from the ministry of health, labor and welfare was “we have no idea“Also adding that the bodies in charge were too overworked to deal with the sudden increase in infections.

With health centers practically on a tailspin and 135,000 “Nonomura Makoto” who, in fact, had been denied the right to be treated, a question arises. Who decided this strategy? I would like to point out that even the leaders of the majority coalition party knew nothing and defined absurd putting all those patients who, although not in a critical state, were in need of oxygen to home care. And even Omi Shigeru of the Japan Community Health Care Organization, who is in daily contact with the government, says he has not been consulted.

The ministry, through the mouth of Tamura Norihisa, stated: “Since it was a mere matter of beds, it was the government that made this decision. During the fourth wave in spring in the Kansai area, there were no more places available for the moderately ill who are getting worse and now the same situation is about to be reached here (in Tokyo) … it is a necessary measure to defend the population.”

But Minister Tamura was nothing more than a spokesperson. To dictate the line on the anti Covid strategy is a group of technocrats, within the same ministry, under the supervision of Fukushima Yasumasa and his predecessor Suzuki Yasuhiro. To denounce this system, the director of the Clinical Governance Studies Center Kami Masahiro.

But before I dwell on them properly I want to expose another of the mistakes made during the fight against the pandemic and of which these technocrats are the instigators. I would like to talk about the tampons. While the rest of the world carries out sweeping tests to find the asymptomatic and prevent further expansion of the virus, the Japanese government does not appear to be interested in doing so.

Is this just a devious insinuation? No. Experts have been announcing this in unified networks since the beginning of the pandemic. On 22 March 2020, during the “NHK Special” television program on the fight against the pandemic, Professor Oshitani stated that regarding Covid it was not necessary to find all the positives, but it was enough to focus on clusters to keep the situation under control. And even Omi Shigeru on 14 October 2020 declared: “There is no evidence that by increasing the number of tests, infections can be limited”. Elsewhere he added that, being short of means and personnel, it was not possible to test everyone. They then spread the mantra that increasing the number of tests risks the collapse of the system.

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