The new 7-seater SUV from Porsche, the first rumors

Cayenne and Macan, Porsche’s two premium SUVs, may very soon have an older ‘big sister’. A new 7-seater SUV, with plenty of space for the occupants. The news has not yet been confirmed by the House, yet all fans of the German brand are waiting for the big news.

It has long been rumored about the arrival of the new powerful and ultra-spacious SUV, so many rumors that we can read on the web and that announce that Porsche is really already thinking about a new high-wheeled sports car; this time the car will be much larger and more spacious, as we have never seen it before. A new car, which the Stuttgart company would like to launch on the market shortly and capable of accommodating up to 7 people on board. The luxury car for long journeys, accompanied by the unique style of Porsche, and unrivaled comfort.

According to some reports circulating overseas, some selection dealerships in the United States have already had the opportunity to see the first sketches of the new SUV. For this reason we are practically almost certain that the car will really arrive, even if there is no official confirmation. It seems that the car will have a hybrid look, somewhere between a sedan and a crossover. High-wheeled, elegant and spacious. A nice mix of unique features, which Porsche wants to combine to create a brand new vehicle, which has the typical premium character (in appearance, technology and power) of the House.

As for the style, the bodywork could be very similar to that of the Panamera (find out the prices), with a rear that will probably show the usual aesthetic family feeling of the Cayenne. The car will be very large and spacious, and we don’t know if it will also arrive in Europe. Given the size, it could only be launched in America and China, the Italian market is currently not very attracted to cars of this type. The car will be built on an Audi platform, derived from the Artemis Project, or at least that’s what the rumors are saying so far.

With regard to engines and power we don’t know very much yet of course, but most likely the new 7-seater SUV will be plug-in hybrid or electric, it also aims to guarantee unprecedented autonomy. The car could be on the market in 2026, not sooner. Much is missing, in recent years the project could revolutionize and change, so we are waiting to understand what will happen and especially if the new Porsche mega SUV will really arrive.


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