From Simg, the proposal for a national conference on primary care in 2022 with all the players in the system. Cricelli: “PNRR opportunity to consolidate the health of the territory”

“We need to redefine the extent of the allocation of the resources of the current portion of the Healthcare Fund for General Medicine, to which the one-off resources of the PNRR must be added. The additional resources are used for investments useful for the radical transformations of the organizational models of territorial medicine. A broad reflection is needed that concerns all the components of medicine, but also civil society ”, said the SIMG President

27 NOV – The new phase of the pandemic emergency has once again exacerbated the limits of general medicine, already put to the test since the beginning of the pandemic. Seasonal flu, chronic diseases, vaccination campaigns are commitments that require a great deal of effort from family doctors. For this reason, from the 38th Congress of the Italian Society of General Medicine and Primary Care – SIMG underway in Florence, the appeal for a new organization of local medicine starts with the proposal of a national conference on primary care in 2022.

The proposal was launched yesterday by the president of Simg Claudio Cricelli at the end of the political session of the congress which opened with a video message from the minister Roberto Speranza, which was attended by the Head of the Technical Secretary of the Minister of Health Antonio Gaudioso, the advisor to Minister Speranza Walter Ricciardi, the president of Fnomceo Filippo Anelli, a representative of the Central Committee of Fnopi, Nicola Draoli, the national secretary of the Fimmg, Silvestro Scotti, the president of Enpam Alberto Oliveti, the secretary of the Simg of Veneto and member of the Executive Maurizio Cancian and the general managers of the Usl Umbria 1 Gilberto Gentili and the Azienda Usl Toscana sud est Antonio D’Urso, I also intervene as vice president of Fiaso.

“An organizational review of the health system and in particular of territorial care is indispensable – he underlines Claudio Cricelli -. We must define the priorities in the allocation of PNRR resources, which in any case remains an extraordinary plan. The necessary investments, useful for the radical transformations of the organizational models of territorial medicine, must be outlined. A broad reflection is needed that concerns all the components of medicine, but also civil society “.

The three points proposed by Simg. The position of the SIMG is divided into three elements that are part of a single discourse, given that the problems must be faced contextually and not in watertight compartments. “First of all, the tasks of General Medicine must be defined in detail, especially in the light of an adequate training course – he adds Ovidio Brignoli, Vice President of the SIMG – A real specialization must be structured, leading to the passing of the current Diploma of the general medicine course and, as happens for medical specialists, also GPs in training must have access to a training course and work, without being relegated to a role of passive observer, in order to be immediately ready to practice the profession. Secondly, the quality of the profession depends on the organization and the tools: we must define what the family doctor’s work model is, what are the premises in which he must operate, what should be the standards of a doctor’s office, without forgetting the novelties caused by the pandemic, which made too small studios unusable. It takes spaces, dedicated paths, reception areas, equipment, diagnostics; the GP’s office must also become a place of teaching. There are various reference solutions that constitute the “Best Practices” in many parts of the country.

“It is essential – he underlines Cricelli – that a totally new reflection begins that defines the services, economic and human resources on the new structures of General Medicine. The GPs with their studies cover the whole national territory with a proximity to the citizen that has no equal. General MG now expresses a great maturity and is able to bridge the historical gap with Specialized Medicine as the pandemic experience has shown. They are interconnected and must be made interoperable with a continuity of functions facilitated by a wide digital evolution “.

“To complete the reform framework hoped for by the SIMG – concludes Cricelli – from our congress we launch the proposal of the organization, within the first half of 2022, of the first National Conference of general medicine and territorial care in the NHS and in the Italian system. The SIMG will be the promoter of the initiative and will have a fundamental role in defining an analytical method of the evolutionary needs of the country’s population “.

The Next Generation of general medicine. With a view to improving training and an effective generational turnover, SIMG has also launched the Next Generation project for General Medicine.

“The Next Generation of General Medicine is based on 5 points – he underlines Maurizio Cancian – First of all, the new health needs of the population must be defined; secondly, the GP’s competences must be identified; furthermore, it should be clarified how these skills are to be acquired in post graduate training; then it is necessary to intervene on the new organization, understood as treatment processes within the structures to move from waiting medicine to initiative medicine; finally, the team that deals with general medicine must integrate with other hubs of the service network, on the territory and in the hospital “.

November 27, 2021
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