Virus trafficker, the film about the story of Ilaria Capua: “The bad events in life can become useful”

Virus trafficker, the film about the story of Ilaria Capua: “The bad events in life can become useful”
Virus trafficker, the film about the story of Ilaria Capua: “The bad events in life can become useful”

Courage women. Costanza Quatriglio, Anna Foglietta and especially Ilaria Capua who does not fail to attend – albeit remotely from Florida – the meeting for the press of Virus trafficker, the film directed by the Sicilian director today presented at 39th Turin Film Festival and loosely based on the scientist’s autobiographical novel Me, virus dealer (Rizzoli 2017). “I would never have imagined attending a film festival and talking about a film based on one of my books. For me it is a great honor to be there because art often acts as a link between reality and the understanding of certain stories that need to be told. This story is very “female” for many reasons, especially because it shows the contradictions between being a woman working daily to keep certain diseases under control and what she has to face every day with her superiors, institutions, collaborators but also at home, because she is also a mother“, Said the virologist excitedly, adding the messages that she considers the film to be vehicles:” I think this film has succeeded in making it clear that bad events in life can be turned into something useful for others. But it also has the strength to show those who have never set foot in a laboratory how great are the beauty and magic built by a research group that works for a higher goal, even where leadership is female, because it is not true that female leadership is always hindered, indeed it is often recognized by colleagues”.

In closing the link, Ilaria Capua did not fail to remove some dutiful pebble from her shoes: “It is very close to my heart to underline something that clearly emerges from Costanza’s film, namely that hitting the monster on the front page destroys people’s lives and their respectability. It is not right that damage can be created through hypotheses that are not scientifically proven like those that unfortunately have been created and me to the whole research group in part broken up. Failing in this way to give Italy what it needed and now we realize it even more. I would like this film to serve as a spring to reflect on distortions, stereotypes and bad things that happen in our country. I remind you that I am a scientist Made in Italy and that he did the most important things in Italy “.

Strong words, lapidary and inevitably incisive for the critical, social and “gender” conscience also came from Quatriglio and Foglietta, intense interpreter of Irene Colli, the fictitious name chosen to represent Capua in the film we will see in theaters thanks to Medusa from 29 November to 1 December and then from 13 December on Prime Video. For her part, the Palermo director – who had already approached the passionate world of scientific research in 2013 through the film With bated breath – he underlined the sense of responsibility of working on such a film in times of pandemic “Certainly thinking of making a film in a time when the lexicon of viruses was not so widespread would have been more difficult. But for me it is not a text to be linked only to the risks of the pandemic, it is a story on different narrative levels that affects us all, it is no coincidence that it begins with 11 September, a tragedy that involved the whole world. At the center is a very intelligent and strong-willed woman, she moves within a scientific universe managed by men, and it is a story that crosses many Italian issues. So I consider it a films also about our contemporary history and its distortions”.

As for Anna Foglietta, who only met Ilaria Capua after the shooting “so as not to be influenced by her incredibly extraordinary mind and personality”, it was a question of drawing on my fighting spirit to bring out the voice of a woman who claims her need for freedom and self-affirmation, something incredible if we think we are in 2021 and women still have to fight relentlessly against judgments and prejudices which often have nothing to do with their value and professionalism but concern elements of an aesthetic nature, and therefore ‘masculine’ “.


Virus trafficker film story Ilaria Capua bad events life

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