Almudena Grandes, the Spanish writer died at the age of 61. He had written “The Ages of Lulu”

She died at the age of 61 Almudena Grandes, one of the Spanish contemporary writers best known to the general public. The Iberian media reported it. Grandes, who conquered the public with his novel “The ages of Lulu“, She had long been ill with cancer. “We lose one of the leading writers of our time”, tweeted the Spanish premier Pedro Sanchez.

Author of several successful novels, Grandes was considered the voice par excellence of the “losers of the Spanish twentieth century”, writes El País, with whom the writer usually collaborated. His first novel, ‘The Ages of Lulu’, in addition to enjoying an important success with the public, was chosen for a film adaptation directed by the Spanish director Bigas Luna, with Francesca Neri and Javier Bardem in the cast (1990). “Today Spanish literature and progressives are in mourning,” tweeted the Minister of Culture Miquel Iceta, a socialist.
Grandes was awarded the National Fiction Award in 2018. She was married to the poet Luis Garcia Montero, director of the Cervantes Institute.

Other famous titles produced in his career by Grandes were ‘I will call you Friday ‘,’ Human Geography Atlas’, ‘The Difficult Years’,’ The Heart of Ice ‘and’ Kisses on Bread ‘. Some of these works have been brought to the big screen and have won prestigious prizes in Spain such as the Fundacion José Manuel Lara Prize 2008, the Prize del Gremio de Libreros de Madrid 2008 and the Madrid Critics Prize 2011.

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