No green passes mix with tourists: what happened in the Duomo in Milan

No green passes mix with tourists: what happened in the Duomo in Milan
No green passes mix with tourists: what happened in the Duomo in Milan

19th Saturday of protests throughout Italy against the Green pass. Also this week the demonstrations have been organized in all the cities of the country but after the peaks of October, the spirits seem to have now died down. The introduction of new restrictions with the arrival of the super Green pass does not seem to have fueled social anger and the police have had no problem containing the protest.

A few dozen showed up in Milan in Piazza Fontana, the symbolic place of the protest since July. To welcome the demonstrators, as has been the case for several Saturdays, the police who surrounded the square with armored vehicles, preventing access. In the meantime, a sit-in with several hundred people chanting slogans against the Green pass and against the Draghi government. A few hundred people gathered in Piazza del Duomo, initially mixing with the tourists present in Milan.

At 5.30 pm the demonstrators lit their torches as a sign of identification and chanted the usual slogans against the government and the Green pass, also invoking a march that the police did not start. The police encircled the demonstrators and blocked the exits from the square, to prevent the procession from leaving. The identifications began shortly after. Most of the demonstrators were without mask.

At one point some of the protesters managed to break the presidio of piazza Duomo and headed towards via Torino. The march was initially blocked by the police. At a later time the procession of about 200 people managed to leave. Another 100 protesters were identified in Corso San Gottardo, where they were with the intention of reaching the Darsena. The police blocked the demonstrators at the Diocesan Museum. At least a stop by the police. From the police station they let it be known that they were carried out “numerous identifications that will also result in sanctions as well for not using the masks

In Trento, on the other hand, they came from all over Trentino Alto Adige. Initially there were about a hundred no vaxes and no Green passes, which over the course of the hours have grown to more than 2 thousand. After the sit in in Piazza Dante, which took place in front of the Provincial building, the protest took the form of a procession that paralyzed all the streets leading to the center. The protesters have complicated the traffic situation in the streets already clogged due to the flow of tourists to the Christmas markets of Piazza Fiera and Piazza Cesare Battisti, while avoiding forcing the prohibitions imposed by ministerial circulars which prohibit access to pedestrian and commercial areas.

In Rome, the torchlight procession no vax and no Green pass organized on social media for 5.30 pm on Ponte Sisto, in Trastevere, the heart of Rome. Only a few people showed up and was identified by the police present at the two ends of the bridge. The sit-in not notified to the Police Headquarters had as its goal a procession up to Ministry of Health.


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